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Advantages of working with CoinTraffic


Some of the most competitive CPM rates for publishers in the bitcoin industry.

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No need to change or remove existing ads. Our slide banners appear over the main content.

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High performing advertising formats

Monetize every impression with this not intrusive ad format. A 300x250 banner appears 5 seconds after the website is fully loaded and can be easily closed. *Toggle the switch to see how it works
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Static banners are available only for the publishers with high quality websites. Banners can only be shown above the fold. Size: 300x250, 728x90 *Toggle the switch to see how it works
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If your website is optimized for mobile devices we will be glad to offer you an additional source of traffic monetization with our mobile ads. *Toggle the switch to see how it works
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Our highest paid advertising format lets you to monetize every impression. On click the advertising page will pop-up behind the main browser window. *To see how it works toggle the switch
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As easy as 1-2-3

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