We are pleased to announce the launch of Native Ad Service!
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Advertise With Cointraffic
and Increase Your Earnings.

Since 2013 Cointraffic has worked extensively with only the leading crypto-related publishers.

Our aim is to become the leading crypto ad platform by both increasing our partner’s earnings and becoming the trusted go to partner in the sector – whilst we work on delivering the right message for your target audience via premier ad partners, you can focus on both the quality of your landing page and overall campaign strategy.

Cointraffic are becoming a popular industry partner for the development of innovative and creative ad formats for desktop and mobile devices including in-page banners, sticky footers, headers, mobile full screen banners, pop-under banners as well as many other types of advertising.

We also offer a range of complimentary services that can help boost a publishers earning potential – from our own DFP system and press releases there are a range of services that we can offer that can add value.

After your account is approved you just need to simply add one piece of code – it allows both Cointraffic and your team to advertise your website in a range of different locations as well as monitor your campaign results in real time

You can also withdraw your commission at any time by request.

Join over 400+ crypto & other publishers.

*Read our FAQ’s below to understand how we can further cooperate.

Our price-list.

We use a CPM model to pay your commission –
the amount of commissions and CPM pricing is dependent on several factors including:

  • GEO
  • Original website content
  • Unique articles and thought leading content
  • Volume of traffic


1.What are the minimum startup requirements?
To begin earning website commissions with the Cointraffic Advertising network your website must meet three basic requirements:
  • Your website has to be related to the cryptocurrency market.
  • Your website must ensure brand-safe content including unique and original articles as well as a user-friendly interface.
  • Your website must have a minimum unique visitor per month rate of 10,000 and above.
2.How do I start earning?
If your website meets the three minimum requirements outlined above, please proceed to the online registration form to sign up as a publisher with Cointraffic.
You will then need to:
  • Complete the application form with your correct and up-to-date personal contact details.
  • Add your website in the Cointraffic dashboard – sit back and relax, we will check that your website is eligible to join our publishing services. Any problems and we will get in touch – it should take no more than two working days.
  • Once verified you will receive a formal notification of approval – in the case that your website is successful you can proceed straight away to inserting our code to your website template.
  • Once setup it's time to start earning!
3.Why do you need my personal contact details?
From the outset we will ensure the integrity and security of your personal data – it will not shared with any third party, at any time and will be held in strict accordance with the latest regulations.
We require your contact details to ensure that we can process your withdrawal request. Should you have any concerns at all please refer to our Privacy Policy.
4.Does Cointraffic work with CPC / referral links or affiliate programs?
Unfortunately, not. Cointraffic works exclusively with CPM only (cost per 1000 impressions served). Our proprietary system counts every impression from your website – for more information please do get in touch and we can explain further!
5.How is the CPM rate calculated?
Having worked with a wide range of publishers, we have calculated our CPM rate on the following core factors:
  • The advertising format – what types of banners or formats are being used?
  • Quality of website traffic.
  • GEO settings.
  • Website thematic.
6.What are the payment terms?
We have great partnerships with some 400+ publishers and for our part ensure the following payment terms:
  • Minimum payment threshold is €25 – maximum uncapped.
  • Accumulated commissions are received in euro (EUR) and payments made in Bitcoins (BTC) to your BTC wallet address.
  • As soon as your account reaches the minimum payment threshold you will be notified – you can then choose to submit a payment request with payments made in several working days.
7.How can I track my statistics?
The Cointraffic website provides detailed statistics as to how your website is performing.
To check your stats you simply open the ‘Websites’ section of your Cointraffic dashboard, select the website you want to check and proceed to the sub ‘Reports’ tab where you can view the daily impressions for each advertising format.
8.Why are my web stats not matched with yours?
TIn some isolated instances there may be times when our ad does not load, here are a few notes as to why this might be the case:
  • When traffic comes from a mobile device, the desktop ad will not be displayed – on average this is between 20% and 35% of visitors.
  • The site visitor is using a browser extension, software or another program to prevent ads – this can be as high as 40% of users.
  • The website or company limits have been reached and there is simply nothing to display.
9.How do I add new ad formats to my website?
If you would like to try out some new advertising formats, remove existing ads or amend those in operation please do not hesitate to contact us directly at support@cointraffic.io.
We are here to help you choose the right format to suit and are keen to help you find the right advertising mix.

Choosing the right
ad formats for
your Website.

We can help you increase your website earnings with a range of stylish html5 banner formats, press releases, content and other additional services.

In-page Banners In-page Banners
Slide Banner
Pop-under Banner Pop-under Banner
Sticky Footer Sticky Footer
Sticky Header

In-page Banners

Simplicity still makes the banner the #1 choice for marketers. What makes us different? Cointraffic static banners are placed on most prominent positions.

  • Most of banners are placed above the fold
  • Detailed reporting per each banner
  • Possibility to run banner A/B tests
  • Banner sizes: 728x90, 300x250, 160x600
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML5

In-page Banners

Most classic version of banner advertising for mobile devices. Banners placed on most visible positions across our publisher’s websites.

  • Detailed reporting per each banner
  • Possibility to run banner A/B tests
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML5

Slide Banner

The most beloved and popular format with Cointraffic’s advertisers. The banner appears in the corner of the screen above the main content - instantly attracting the users attention.

  • Banner appears always above the content
  • Appears once per visitor session
  • 5 seconds delay before opening
  • Banner size: 300x250
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML5


One of the most effective ad formats to instantly draw visitors attention to your ad offer. Your target link will be opened in a new browser tab.

  • To start all you need to is a target URL
  • Works in cooperation with all major browsers
  • Traffic instantly directed to your website
  • Multiple URL’s per campaign
  • Detailed report facilities


This advertising format allows to reach your customers when they are on the go – it opens your target URL as a new window on a mobile device.

  • Works only on mobile devices
  • Traffic directly to your mobile website
  • Multiple landings per campaign
  • Detailed report facilities

Sticky Footer

Always above the fold sticked to the bottom of the page. Even if user is scrolling page, your banner will be visible all the time.

  • Covers 100% width of screen
  • HTML5 technology available
  • Detailed report facilities

Sticky Footer

Sticked to the bottom of the page. Visible every time, even while user is scrolling down. Available only for mobile devices.

  • Covers 100% width of screen
  • HTML5 technology available
  • Detailed report facilities

Sticky Header

Always situated at the top of the page and stretching the entire width of the users screen. This is the most visible banner on the site, works with HTML5.

  • Covers 100% width of screen
  • HTML5 technology available
  • Detailed report facilities


Unique advertising format allows you to engage your mobile audience with a premium full-screen banner. This is exclusive advertising type will be shown only on highest quality portals.

  • Works in vertical and horizontal positions
  • Can't be closed in first 3 seconds
  • Only premium websites
  • Supported formats: HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF

List of partners who trust us.

Join 400+ other crypto publishers.

*read FAQ to understand next steps

Or contact us via direct e-mail: support@cointraffic.io