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Quality Crypto traffic? Never heard of that

Working in the Cryptocurrency industry for several years, the founders of Cointraffic had a strong feeling that the market will be developing really fast, seeing many perspective projects constantly appearing on the scene.

However, one of the biggest challenges that every project faced was a lack of quality and niche related traffic. Back in the days, in the era of faucets and pay-per-click services, the only way to get targeted users was a personal outreach and direct cooperation with the Crypto related Publishers.

This approach was complicated and expensive since all the advertising positions bought directly didn’t have any geo or device targeting options. That forced Advertisers to pay for the traffic that they didn’t actually need and wasted a lot of budget in the long run.

Things will never be the same

This is the time when the idea of the niche-specific advertising network was established and implemented in the first version of Cointraffic platform released in 2013. Top Cryptocurrency related projects were united with an automated system, which allows easy set-up and management of advertising campaigns on hundreds of different websites. Both Advertisers and Publishers got a connecting solution that saved a lot of time and money.

Concentrated on network development, Cointraffic has faced all the challenges traditional advertising networks are very familiar with. The critical issue that required resolution was banner blindness, which was resolved by adding new advertising formats on offer.

Sticky and sliding formats together with innovative HTML5 technology have moved the whole advertising industry to the next level. These “always on top” positions are not only highly clickable but were also designed with the purpose of increasing user engagement and decreasing banner loading time.

Battle for the innovation

Deep understanding of the market needs helps Cointraffic to identify pain points of the ad network users and offer appropriate solution. For the Advertiser, who often find themselves short of time to develop creatives in-house, we propose HTML5 banner development service. This approach provides fast and hassle-free campaign launch optimizing marketing resources.

Nowadays Cointraffic is a pioneer company on the Crypto advertising field, offering most innovative ad formats which will catch the attention of relevant audiences’ eyes. With more and more services and formats constantly being added to the arsenal, we are building a strong bridge between Advertisers and Publishers.

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