In this article we will review the main reasons why having a distribution campaign for a Press Release is absolutely essential for a Crypto- or blockchain-related business in today’s ultra-competitive industry. Even the greatest of ideas can fail without proper marketing, quickly falling to the wayside as they are looked over in favor of products with more exposure and better visibility.

It is important to have a healthy understanding of what Press Releases can be used to accomplish, and through the course of this article we will demonstrate how they can serve more uses than just those usually considered.


The idea of a Press Release is nothing new and is one of the age-old methods for drawing attention to a particular business, product or event. Due to the way the internet has helped to evolve mass media communications, the functions of a Press Release are expanding, no longer limited to the simple idea of attracting potential customers through a broad viewership. Web data is now being archived and kept online longer than ever before, meaning that a story sent to the right places can add to a business’s web presence for a seemingly unlimited period of time.

In addition, a good Press Release can serve to keep already-established customers engaged, educated and informed about a company or product, ready to act upon the knowledge contained therein. Cryptocurrency projects in particular can benefit from Press Releases by focusing on attracting the attention of a relevant audience, thereby providing organic growth that can prove to be priceless. With hundreds of thousands of websites serving an audience number in the billions, knowing where to host an information can be extremely valuable information.

Unfortunately, the age of the internet and digital mass communication has also ushered in some common misconceptions about Press Releases. Some businesses are under the impression that distribution services are not beneficial; largely due to their misunderstanding of what purposes they actually serve. We will now review and attempt to counter some of these misconceptions with alternative viewpoints and substantiating information.

Misconception #1: A Press Release brings low traffic that result in low conversion rates, so it isn’t useful.

While it’s true that conversions can’t happen without incoming traffic, everybody knows that traffic by itself does not necessarily result in conversions. Some businesses have adopted the belief that traffic coming in from a Press Release isn’t valuable. They look at the dollar cost of a whole service and measure it against the number of conversions they can receive directly from Press Release traffic, which is an inaccurate way to measure the true value of a campaign.

What’s important to understand is that Press Release distribution plays a different role in the sales funnel than to simply bring in conversions. It is used to spread information and increase awareness about a particular brand. The published stories broaden search results for a company or product and are accessible during times when a potential client is unsure about a purchase and needs an additional reason to make a decision to pull the trigger.

Even though traffic brought in from Press Releases might not result in conversions itself, they might help result in conversions from direct (no referral) and search traffic, helping to tip the scales from visitors being potential to actual customers.

Misconception #2: A Press Release campaign is only good for boosting SEO.

According to many SEO experts, a website’s position in search engine rankings is mostly determined by the number of outbound links pointing to the website. There are, of course, dozens of different metrics that influence search position, and the relevance of these changes frequently. Traditionally, outbound links were a primary determinant in rankings, however, times are changing.

Google wants to make it hard for websites to monopolize traffic by figuring out patterns in SEO, and while exact changes in rank score algorithms remain unknown, the overall trend is a shift away from outbound links, meaning they just aren’t as important as they once were.

Taking this knowledge into consideration, it is most important to focus on building the website itself. This includes making it user friendly, easily navigable, and pleasing to view. This will help to accrue sites linking in organically, which is ultimately what search engines are looking for when they tabulate rankings.

After all, the point of a Press Release campaign is not to up the count of links in to your website. It is more about creating buzz around your project, with better SEO being a collateral effect, and not the main one. So, while a distribution may help as far as SEO purposes are concerned, it’s real job goes far beyond that and helps in other ways that may not be immediately measurable.

Misconception #3: No one actually reads Press Releases.

The world is a big place, and an inconceivably huge amount of new articles are being published on a daily basis. The competition for online attention is fierce, and in addition to that, people have the choice to receive news from other media, including online video formats, television, and print. It may seem like a daunting prospect to have to fight for viewer attention, but the process can be easier than it seems, especially if it is only a niche market to which a business is catering.

Luckily for those in the industry, Crypto businesses are a niche market, and an extremely selective one at that. This means that the audience looking to read these sorts of stories is relatively small, and as they are hungry for information, there is a definite crowd willing to click on a Crypto-related Press Release hoping to learn something new. If the campaign targets a Crypto-oriented audience to begin with, chances are all the better that it will attract viewers, thus increasing exposure and awareness for a Crypto business, product or service.

For tips on how to create an attractive article that specifically caters to a Crypto audience, take a look at our guide on crafting the perfect Crypto Press Release. In it, we provide the basics of how to create a strong copy and image to reach the maximum amount of readers.

Misconception #4: Press Releases don’t bring conversions at all.

Perhaps the biggest challenge that a Press Release distribution campaign faces is the inability to directly measure its results. It is almost impossible to tell what kind of an impact such a campaign will have on a Crypto business, outside of measuring the rate of conversions pre and post campaign - which of course - can only be done after the fact. This may lead some to believe that a Press Release campaign won’t help bring conversions at all, but if a story is well-written and published in the right places, this is unlikely to be the case.

The truth is that while it is near to impossible to estimate the exact value of a campaign, the effect of getting Press Releases out into the open is long-playing and serves to establish product branding in the long term. They carry a set of intangible positive elements. As described at the beginning of this article, the content you publish serve to create awareness of a product brand and increase familiarity with it.

This is especially important for Crypto-related products, where lack of trust can be an absolute killer in terms of conversions and sales. While there is no real way to buy trust, a well-written, long-standing Press Release is one of the best possible ways to help an audience of both potential and existing customers grow comfortable with a business.

Misconception #5: Press Release distribution can be done free of charge.

A Crypto business is perfectly capable of creating its own flawless Press Release and composing a list of major Cryptocurrency outlets to which it will be sent. They can perform due diligence in selecting outlets that are most likely to be read by viewers interested in their particular product or service and attempt to perform their own outreach. This of course requires personalized emails, waiting for responses, and price negotiation on a case-by-case basis, which - let’s face it - probably isn’t their specialty.

Truth be told, content creation, personal outreach and negotiations are time-consuming matters that often require expertise in the form of marketing and deal making. Crypto businesses by and large would be wise to spend their time focusing on things in which they are already specialized, such as product and website development. After all, no reputable Crypto media websites will be willing to publish a Press Release for free, so a budget will be required to make a campaign happen.

In order to get the most out of such a budget, a Crypto business would be wise to hire a distribution service that already has connections, contacts and previous experience working with such connections, so that way they can have more time to spend bettering their own product and website.


Despite the common misconceptions listed above which we have attempted to debunk at length, having a Press Release campaign is a must for any serious Crypto business that wants to truly stand out and have a shot at making a lasting impression for itself on the internet.

Press Releases are a terrific way for a business to generate organic growth while simultaneously building an informational background on its product or service. Since developing trust is an essential component for the Crypto industry, a thorough, well-targeted distribution can serve as a vital component for any Crypto business.

Cointraffic is here to help with every facet of the Press Release campaign, from content creation to rate negotiation to distribution targets. During the course of our 5+ year experience in the Crypto advertising industry, we have managed to build an abundance of strong connections among the most popular Crypto niche-related websites.

Please contact us for more information and details regarding our range of Cryptocurrency Press Release services. We’ll be happy to customize a campaign perfect for your specific requirements and audience to ensure that you get the most for your budget, all delivered in a professional and timely manner.