In only a little over two years of operation, KuCoin has made a name for itself as one of the industry’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, currently offering 400 different trading pairs and averaging about $30 million a day in trading volume. Providing a well-rounded mixture of security, flexibility and convenience, KuCoin serves customers in over 100 countries around the globe who appreciate its intuitive, state-of-the-art transaction platform.

KuCoin is also known for being on the ball as far as the timing of its listing are concerned, frequently providing trade pairings of new crypto assets before they are listed on other exchanges. Their dedication to featuring quality coins and tokens, along with top notch customer service, has helped KuCoin retain a massively loyal user base which is set to expand to a much greater degree in upcoming years.

KuCoin’s system native token, KuCoin Shares (KCS), is frequently its most heavily-traded asset by volume - even surpassing the usual top-traded assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum - as a sign of how popular and highly thought of the exchange is to its community of traders.


When KuCoin first reached out to Cointraffic, in their early stages as an exchange, they made one thing abundantly clear: they were out to take over the world. KuCoin has a goal of becoming a household name among the crypto trading audience, and with the help of Cointraffic, they are well on their way.

With their main offices based in Singapore, KuCoin was already very familiar with the Asian cryptocurrency exchange market when they met with Cointraffic and wanted to increase their reach into other areas of the world. This proved to be not so easy to do on their own, but thanks to their newfound partnership with Cointraffic, they were presented with creative opportunities to penetrate markets that might have previously seemed closed to them. Cointraffic embarked on an advertising campaign for KuCoin with two major goals in mind:

  1. Marketing KuCoin’s new crypto asset listings to a previously unexplored market, and
  2. Raising brand awareness of the KuCoin exchange among crypto traders across the entire globe.

Strategy and preparation

In order to provide KuCoin with an idea of what they could do for them, Cointraffic first started with a series of short-term advertising campaigns based on a small number of ad sets. These campaigns lasted between 3 and 5 days - just long enough to be able to present KuCoin with definitive results of increased traffic. After being satisfied with the results of the test phase, KuCoin gave the green light to Cointraffic to proceed with a large scale campaign.

For each subsequent campaign, Cointraffic created a unique set of banners based on designs developed by their in-house design team. Traffic to the KuCoin exchange increased steadily as the result of each campaign, which encouraged KuCoin to expand Cointraffic’s involvement to an even greater degree.

The level of work increased to the point where up to four ad campaigns were running at the same time, serving up to 4 million impressions daily, and tremendous strides were made in helping KuCoin reach its goal of global domination in crypto exchange market space.

New Ad Formats deployed

Part of KuCoin’s decision to impart Cointraffic with a greater degree of trust led to the implementation of new ad formats that could only be made available through the latest generation of browser technology: HTML5.

Thanks to HTML5, it was possible to use animated banner ads, which can be quite eye-catching, as well as advanced forms of graphics that could not be rendered in previous versions of HTML. Below are some of the HTML5-driven creative designs produced by Cointraffic for the KuCoin campaign.

“Cointraffic has been instrumental in driving high-quality traffic to the website. When KuCoin traffic is compared to that of other exchanges, the overall traffic is always in the top five. Not only is there a lot of traffic coming from this channel, but it is high-quality traffic that has exceeded our conversion rate goals. For a performance marketing partner, Cointraffic is highly recommended.”

Perry Kniest, KuCoin Chief System Architect


In the end, the hard work put in by Cointraffic paid off as the Banner Ad campaign was deemed to be a success by KuCoin. Through remaining flexible, readily available and willing to adjust project resources to meet the needs of their client, Cointraffic was able to produce some astounding results for KuCoin in the form of increased traffic, exchange registrations and brand awareness on a global scale.

A great achievement with banner ads was possible thanks to KuCoin's constant interaction with their community. KuCoin continues to make improvements in their exchange services all the time, such as the listing of the new pairs and the addition of improved trading features.

Today, KuCoin is recognized worldwide as one of the crypto industry’s leading exchanges, handling thousands of customers from all across the globe. They are frequently mentioned in the same breath as other leading exchanges, and show no signs of slowing down in terms of growth.

The partnership between Cointraffic and KuCoin can thus be labeled a success as not only has KuCoin’s brand awareness increase significantly but they have been brought to the center stage of top tier crypto exchanges as well. KuCoin and Cointraffic continue to work together, with plans to enjoy many more successes well into the future.

About Cointraffic

Founded in 2014, Cointraffic is one of the world’s leading bitcoin and crypto-advertising networks. Trusted by more than 400 crypto-related websites worldwide, we offer unfettered access to some of the biggest publishers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. Along with this comes access to their audiences, including customers, buyers, traders and investors through well-established ad formats that are capable of creating an unparalleled level of brand awareness.