Press releases are a vital component of any public relations strategy. In the age of social media and digital marketing, it is imperative not to overlook the importance of distributing news and announcements with the objective to gain traction among the target audience. This narrative applies to any crypto project looking to paint their ambitions in favor of potential investors.

There are various types of press releases targeted toward creating awareness and increasing the visibility of a project. It can be about events, funding, partnerships, developments, or new hires. Regardless of what newsworthy content you intend to share, there are some rules to publishing a well-worded press release to grab the attention of the reader.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

A compelling headline

A headline is the essence of the whole news and the first real point of connection with the reader. Human attention span is getting shorter by the day, and you have to be flawless with what you offer them in a snippet.  Keep it short and informative to convey a sense of importance and arouse the curiosity of the reader.

Here’s an example --

“VeChain strikes a multi-year deal with the world’s largest MMA organization”

The above headline captures the entire story in a short sentence, while also intriguing the reader to discover more about this organization and the partnership.

A concise lead

The second most important factor after a headline is a concise lead that answers the most important questions, including what, who, when, why, and where. The details should be long enough to cover important information, but short enough to pique the reader attention.

For example

“The Primavera Music festival in Europe scheduled to be held  in June 2022 will have over fifty POS terminals accepting crypto payments. This is made possible by a strategic partnership between Binance Pay and GoCrypto”

The above lead ticks all the boxes without getting too much into the details.

A trustworthy source

Any key information that you wish to point out in your press release must be properly linked to a legitimate source. This adds credibility to your content, which helps in gaining the reader’s trust. Please do not share any link that contains misrepresented facts or fake news. Furthermore, it is better to use anchor text for a natural fit, rather than displaying the whole URL.

A thought-provoking quote

Quotes are commonly used in press releases to showcase the impact of your news by adding diversity. However, it can be daunting to get it right. You must always think about your audience when creating a quote that tells your story. There’s no need to use multiple quotes to support your news. Try to keep the content as human as possible, rather than sounding like a corporate lecturer. You can add statements by well-known personalities or key figures in your project to have an impact on end-users.

Linking to a hot topic

A lot of events unfold in the crypto space every day. You can use this to your advantage by linking your press release to a hotly debated topic. Make sure it is somewhat relevant to the project you are building. Not only does it attract the attention of the readers, but also adds a fresh perspective to the ongoing events.

Take for example, when Shiba Inu was skyrocketing at a lightning speed, many new meme tokens popped up highlighting themselves as the next 1000X coin.

That’s how it works, and you need to figure out what will work for you.

Third-person writing

In terms of style, all press releases must be written in the third person. That has been the standard practice even for newsletters and articles.  Forget about the words  “I” , “we”, and “you” . Incorporate words like “users”, “investors”, “they”, and “theirs”.

You have to present the information without sounding biased.  One should use a first or second-person narrative only when sharing a quote from a key figure in the company.

Search and readability

No matter what groundbreaking development you wish to announce or what big partnerships you have secured, it is important that your press release is searchable and readable. Use high-ranking keywords in the headline and the body copy. Your lead sentence should also have one linking back to your website.

The target audience wants maximum information in minimum time, so make sure to write in a reader-friendly fashion. Use short sentences, short paragraphs, and bullet points that are easier to go through.  Highlight any key points in bold letters, and support your statements with numbers and statistics. It's better to limit the length to somewhere around 300-500 words.

Visual representation

Including visuals in a press release is a proven tactic to grab readers attention and compel them to read on. The text-only format is good enough to let the word out, but you can always support your message with relevant logos, videos, pictures, or even GIFs.

Refrain from adding too much media, as it may overshadow the important information in the text. Also, be careful not to break any copyright laws, because it can be a disaster for your PR campaign. Use your own graphics or have them created by some expert. Always credit the author if you are using their image.

Press releases should only be reserved for the most newsworthy content about your crypto project. No one has time to go through something that’s not big, new, or interesting. That’s where Cointraffic can help you make news out of everything and publish it to gain wide media outreach.

Kindly get in touch with us if you are looking for a PR collaboration.