SEO copywriting is an amalgamation of content optimization and digital marketing that attracts the target audience to your brand. It is often ignored as a vital aspect in crypto branding, given the dominance of social media and influencer marketing. When done right, the combination of SEO and copywriting can bring a lot of organic traffic to your project and convert visitors into investors.

Below are some tricks you should have up your sleeve to craft actionable articles:

Mind Map a Compelling Topic

Mind mapping is all about brainstorming ideas and structuring the content to get maximum attention. Before putting your fingers on the keyboard, give yourself some time to jot down your thoughts. The best way to generate topic ideas is by reading articles in your domain. Something that piques your interest may also attract the attention of your readers.

Create a content roadmap for the entire week or month, and segregate the topics to address. Every piece of content should have a clear structure that simplifies the writing process. As a rule of thumb, your article should have an introduction, body, and summary.


Create an intriguing headline and introduction

Gone are the days when crypto was all about hype and click-baits. You can’t lure someone with a speculative headline or an exaggerated introduction.  Your headline should convey the message in a reasonable, yet attractive way to compel the skimmer into reading the article. Use numbers whenever possible, because such content is most likely to be shared with others. If you are providing some valuable information, be clear on the subject.

In addition to a click-worthy and shareable headline, your introduction should naturally fit the context. Otherwise, the reader will feel cheated on and walk away. It is not enough to use a keyword revolving around your crypto project. You must also showcase the intent behind using it!

Find the right keywords

The algorithm of any search engine aggregates data based on the keywords. It is an integral part of SEO that must be strategically placed for a higher reach. There are many keyword research tools like Moz, SEMRush, and Wincher that can help you provide relevant data based on search volume, SERP analysis, traffic, and keyword intent.

Take the examples of OpenSea, Rarible, and Binance. They all rank high for one keyword “NFT marketplace”. Similarly, you can use a primary keyword that is relevant to your project. It is also recommended to include long-tail keywords that most people use to find valuable information. Say for example “earn passive income with crypto”.

Use Short Paragraphs

According to a study by Nielsen Group, 84% of people skim through the article to find the information they need. Large blocks of text can be challenging to scan even for the most avid readers. Try to keep your paragraphs as short as possible with sufficient white spaces. Conciseness and clarity are important for excellent readability.

It’s even better to use numbered lists or bullet points to capture the gist of your content. Always start with the main idea to keep your reader hooked until he gets to the point of taking action. Short sentences and paragraphs can make your job easier to a great extent.

No matter how good your content is, search engines like Google look for reliability and data-driven stuff. Use external links in your content to connect your article with a relevant topic on high-authority websites. On the other hand, you should also link your articles internally to create an interlinking source of content on your website. This allows the search engine to get an idea of what your crypto project is all about.


Track page performance

Google Analytics is an excellent tool to evaluate the performance of the content on your blog or website. It quantifies the engagement and traffic on your articles to give you a clear idea of what kind of content is garnering attention. On the basis of this data, you can further improve by optimizing your content, keywords, and headlines. Avoid taking a shot in the dark, and keep monitoring your analytics to stay ahead in the race. What works today, may not work tomorrow!


Share original facts and statistics

The crypto industry is still in its infancy, and there is plenty of misleading information available on the web. It’s a good practice to include examples, statistics, and reviews to prove a point to your readers, but please steer clear of making claims without verifying the source.

A well-researched content doesn’t show up out of thin air. If you delude people into believing something that never happened or never existed, you may lose your credibility in no time. Whatever visuals and statistics you share with your audience must be from reputable sources. Always link a key phrase directly to the website from where you got the information.

Keep your readers in mind

Remember that your writing is as much for the humans, as for the machines. According to Google’s E-A-T ( Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) principle, a quality article is not just about matching the intent of the user’s query, but also the authority of the creator.

For example, if you search “buy crypto”, you will get results like Binance, Coinbase, or Similarly if you Google “What is DeFi”, you will get blogs and articles from high-ranking websites. Your content should revolve around a unique selling proposition, and it should be engaging enough to keep the reader hooked. Keyword stuffing should be avoided at all costs because people can easily sense if they are being sold something.

Learn the best copywriting formulas

Understanding consumer psychology is an integral part of copywriting. The crypto industry is dominated by short and superficial content, which may not be enough to build authority. You can stand out with long-form content by applying these formulas:



Consistency is the key when it comes to building niche authority, but it should never happen at the cost of quality. The above tips are good enough to get started, but you must keep tracking the rankings, performance, and conversions for better optimization. Cointraffic can also help you in your journey with press releases and banner advertising on high-traffic websites such as NewsBTC, CoinGape, Bitcoinist, AMBCrypto, Coinspeaker, and a lot more.

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