Press Release is the perfect marketing instrument that can be leveraged to reach your target audience, build branding and fill-up the internet with company-related information. However, manual PR campaigns that focus on outreaching to every single publisher are time consuming and ineffective.

Now, you can save time and money by using the newly-updated Cointraffic PR distribution tool, which helps to select Crypto-related websites automatically, thus facilitating smoothness distribution within a few clicks.

The key features of the new PR service include:

Let’s briefly discuss these add-ons:

Goal filters

According to our clients’ needs, we have implemented filters of the websites available for distribution, hence making it possible to:

These filters are available from the start, thereby ensuring that the distribution is focused on websites that can accomplish your marketing goals.

Budget settings

After filtering the distribution sources, the Cointraffic PR service will display the minimum and maximum budget that can be used for the upcoming campaign. You are free to pick any number between the reference thresholds – the list of the websites will be automatically prepared according to your preferred budget.

Smart constructor

This tool does not only take your goals and budget into account - rather, it also provides clear information on the available websites, their reach potential, and sorts them accordingly. In other words, every list created by our smart constructor will guarantee you the best PR performance. You are also free to replace any publisher on the list if it fails to meet your current requirements.

Content creation and distribution process

Once you are happy with the list of Press Release distribution websites, you can proceed with the payment and get started with content creation. You can upload your own copy or fill out the brief to obtain a freshly-written PR.  The copywriting and proofreading services are free of charge, and it only takes us one business day to prepare all the material that’s needed for commencing distribution.

After the content is written and confirmed, you can choose when the campaign should go live. The entire content creation and distribution process takes up to 5 business days. A final report is provided once the Press Release is posted on all chosen websites.

We strive to make launching a Press Release campaign quick & easy. Try out Cointraffic’s PR distribution service today!