On Tuesday, June 9th, Picante Media will be hosting an online conference that aims to bring many of Europe’s tech entrepreneurs together under one virtual roof. The Virtual Edition of TECH Conference will last all day and feature a series of talks and presentations by some of the industry’s leaders, sharing a theme of how financial business and commerce is transforming due to Covid-19.

In all, 50 speakers will be sharing their wisdom across a series of 10 vital discussions and 20 topics. Some of the companies and organizations to be represented by speakers include Nasdaq, Greenpeace, Western Union and IT Labs.

Additionally, Cointraffic will be represented by CPO Slava Jefremov who will be talking to the virtual attendees about why the current pandemic has made the blockchain an essential service in holding institutions accountable for their actions. Slava, who also oversees Cointraffic’s marketing and product division, has been a part of the company since 2018, bringing his several years of experience as a product director to the table. Cointraffic will also be participating as a media partner at the event.

Subjects of discussion include mobility and the environment during the pandemic, fashiontech, global consumer sentiments in the wake of Covid-19, education technology, fintech and AI during Covid-19, and of course, why the blockchain is now more important than ever. There will also be a “lunch and networking break” in which attendees can have 1-on-1 virtual meetings with one another.

In a time when travel is greatly restricted, the virtual edition of the TECH Conference will serve to demonstrate that ideas can still readily be shared and that strides in progress can still be made, even when much of the world is immobilized due to Covid-19. There are still many ways in which tech entrepreneurs can grow their businesses, thrive, and interact with others, many of which will be highlighted by this virtual gathering of professionals.

Registration for the event is free but limited to 500 virtual seats. To register, simply fill out their registration form found here. For more information about the conference, visit their homepage here.