Do you want to spread the word about your revolutionary crypto project?

Are you looking to drive traffic to your cryptocurrency website?

Is your business in need of advertising solutions?

Fret not, as Cointraffic is here to help your project gain exposure through highly effective and inexpensive ad solutions. It is one of the leading advertising platforms that help drive users to a broad spectrum of crypto projects, including DeFi, exchanges, protocols, metaverse, Web 3, and more.

Below are some reasons why Cointraffic is a market leader:

Steps to get started with Cointraffic

Let us walk you through some simple steps to create an ad campaign without any hassles:

1) Sign up as an advertiser on Cointraffic by filling in the details. Once you do, a confirmation note will be sent to your email address.

Didn’t receive the email? Click on “Resend.”

And if you still don’t get it, contact our support team.

2) Once you have verified your email address, it's time to create a new campaign on your selected platform. Before you fill in other details, give a name to your campaign!

3) Choose the Ad type based on your preference. Cointraffic offers four options.

4) Fill up the details for your chosen ad type.

Banner Ads: There are four formats to select from, including in-page, sticky, premium header, and slide. You can be specific with the platform or countries you want your ads to be shown. Choose a daily budget, CPM price, and upload creatives if you have any.

Click here to learn more about choosing the suitable ad format for your campaign.

Press Release: For this ad type, you need to provide a link to the landing website you want to promote through a press release. Set a campaign budget and your preferred launch date for the PR. If you still need to write your content, our professional writer will do so for you.

Native Ads: You can use a non-invasive notification alert or a content-integrated format organically inserted into the website layout. Specify target countries, CPM price, and your daily budget.

Pop-under Ad: This ad appears in full-screen mode behind an active browser window. Provide details similar to those of banner ads.

You can find more information on setting the best CPM price here. In addition, our team is always available to assist you in setting up a campaign and optimizing it!

5)     Once you have given all the information, you can choose whether to run the campaign automatically after validation or activate it manually. Select the preferred option and click on “Submit Campaign” for review.

6)     Add funds to your account

Before you can top up your Cointraffic account, you need to furnish billing details either as an individual or a company. A dedicated manager will look into it and get back to you if anything is required.

Accepted payment methods include credit cards, bank wire, and Crypto.

7)     Get started with your campaign.

Once moderators approve your campaign, it will bring quality traffic to your crypto project. In addition, you can access reports to see how your ads are performing.

All the best!

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