CPM (Cost Per Mile) is a traffic payment model in which the advertiser pays for every 1,000 impressions. The CPM payment model is the oldest in the digital advertising market. It is used primarily for brand promotion when it is essential to provide excellent coverage and visibility. As a rule, working with CPM Ad networks, including Cointraffic, is an indispensable part of nearly every project's marketing strategy in a bid to achieve market success.

Thanks to work on the CPM model, Cointraffic can provide quick access to a growing audience spanning many different websites, including the most popular in the crypto industry. In addition, through banners and other promotional materials, advertisers have the opportunity to convey their message to a broad audience and pique interest in their product or service.

CPM rates depend on several factors in the Cointraffic network:

Let's take a closer look at each of these factors.

The cost of publishers’ traffic

Publishers play a fundamental role in pricing. They determine at which prices they are willing to display ads on their sites. However, the needs and demands of publishers may change depending on the current state of the crypto market.

The Cointraffic team is constantly negotiating with sites to maintain a stable and affordable price level and attracts new sites for cooperation.

NB! If you plan to target your campaign to one or more specific sites, check with your manager or our support team in advance whether these sites are available and which suitable CPM rates can be provided. With a non-competitive CPM, you will not participate in the auction and will not be able to receive traffic.

The selected advertising format for the campaign

Each ad format that Cointraffic offers has a different starting CPM. It is based on a set of characteristics of the advertising format - the location on the site, average CTR, popularity, etc.

Banner ads:

- Slide desktop+mobile - 150x150 (avg. CTR 1%, CPM from €3)

- In-page desktop - 300x250, 728x90, 160x600 (avg. CTR 0.10%, CPM from €3.5)

- In-page mobile - 320x100, 300x250, 320x50 (avg. CTR 0.20%, CPM from €3.5)

- Sticky desktop - 1440x48 (avg. CTR 0.20%, CPM from €4)

- Sticky mobile - 600x75 (avg. CTR 0.85%, CPM from €4)

- Header desktop - 1440x90 (avg. CTR 0.25%, CPM from €5)

Native ads:

- Content-integrated desktop+mobile – Text+Image 800x600 (avg. CTR 0.20%, CPM from €3)

- Notification desktop+mobile – Text+Image 192x192 (avg. CTR 0.45%, CPM from €3.5)

Pop-under ads:

- Pop-under desktop - no banner required, just a link to the advertiser's website. (impressions=clicks, CPM from €1)

- Pop-under mobile – no banner required, just a link to the advertiser's website. (impressions=clicks, CPM from €1)

The current level of competition for traffic from advertisers

Cointraffic works on an auction basis, which means the ad campaign with the highest CPM bid gets traffic preference in selected GEO and ad format, followed by the campaigns in descending CPM bid order.

The higher the current traffic demand, the stronger the competition among advertisers. Competing for traffic volumes encourages advertisers to set above-the-minimum CPM rates on their campaigns. Upon request, Cointraffic managers will help you choose the best and most competitive CPM rates.

Established geo-targeting advertising campaign

Cointraffic partners with over 350 crypto-related sites. Sites have different traffic volumes and varying top countries and can host one or more different ad formats. For this reason, traffic from certain countries may be limited. Limited traffic volumes, in turn, can lead to higher competitive CPM rates.

There are also countries and regions with a lot of traffic, such as Europe and the USA. However, it is almost always in great demand, so competitive rates are also higher than the minimum.

NB! The recommended CPM bids displayed on the Cointraffic platform do not consider geo-targeting, so they may not be relevant for narrowly targeted campaigns.

If you want to run your campaign in one or more countries, please consult Cointraffic managers for available traffic volumes and competitive CPM rates. CPM bids that are too low can result in a lack of traffic for your ad campaigns.

Using different advertising formats in your campaign can get you more traffic from relevant countries. Various formats will also help you balance traffic quantity, quality, and cost better.

CPM strategies

Based on the goals of the advertising campaign, there are three main CPM strategies:

Maintaining the most competitive CPM rates:

- Time-limited campaign

- Campaign with narrow geo-targeting

- Narrow website-targeting campaign

- Campaign with less than three different ad formats

- Large-scale advertising campaigns with large daily budgets

For such campaigns, we recommend setting the highest possible bids for all ad formats among competitors so as not to experience a lack of traffic. In this case, it is better to contact support or a personal manager to help you maintain the correct rates throughout the campaign.

Maintaining an average level of CPM rates

- A campaign lasting three weeks or longer

- A campaign including more than three different ad formats

- A campaign targeting large groups of countries or the whole world (except for some small countries)

- A campaign that does not limits targeting to specific sites

Within the platform, we display current recommended average bids for each ad format that advertisers with mentioned above campaigns can follow.

Maintaining minimum CPM bids

- A campaign with no time limit

- A campaign targeting the whole world without exceptions

- A campaign for which it is acceptable to receive remnant traffic

- A campaign for which it is not so important to get a steady stream of traffic every day

You can set minimum CPM bids for each advertising format in such campaigns. Still, if your bids are at least 1-2 cents higher than the minimum, this can already give you an advantage over other advertisers' campaigns.

eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille)

The eCPM metric helps advertisers see the average traffic cost per 1000 impressions and evaluate the campaign's effectiveness if the advertiser changes the price during the ad campaign or receives some traffic at a cost below the campaign CPM price limit.

eCPM = Total cost / Impressions * 1000

In conclusion, we wish all advertisers choose the right CPM strategy because this can significantly affect the course of an advertising campaign and its results. However, do not forget that Cointraffic managers are always ready to suggest competitive CPM rates for your campaign to get the desired traffic volumes without overpaying for it.