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A vital part of every content marketing strategy that builds awareness, creates brand value, initiates engagement and influences consideration amongst the target audience. A well placed PR can effectively boost your brand story.

Reinforcing your Brand.

Challenger products will always require a little extra support to become known in the market. Utilise press releases to build brand equity.

How to get started?

  • 1. Get in touch specifiying your project's needs
  • 2. Our team will craft a tailored proposal to meet your ambitious goals
  • 3. We sign an Agreement & set some KPIs
  • 4. You can now focus on your business - we will ensure that your marketing goes as planned.

For more information, please refer to our partner website Coinprkit.io

See our cases.

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These packages include unique advertising formats like site branding with backgrounds, press releases, acquisition and retention tactics, HTML5 creatives and much more.

We are not only serving ads through standard advertising channels, but also preparing marketing packages for exclusive partners.

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