We are pleased to announce the launch of Native Ad Service!
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The leading crypto advertising agency.

Having started work in the Crypto industry in 2013, we have since become the global marketing specialists for global crypto companies through our own proprietary network.

The major difference between Cointraffic and our competitors is that we have direct partnerships with all the major premium publishers - we are not simply using DSP networks to collect targeted data but utilise a full suite of tools.

Today we are working with a wide base of partners offering some 300 million unique monthly impressions!

Become visible across 400+ crypto websites.


1.How can I open an account at Cointraffic?
Welcome aboard! At the moment our self-service is still closed, while we have increased demand for our services, but you can leave your order here: https://cointraffic.io/network/order. We will contact you within 24 hours to complete the account signup process.
2.What is the minimum budget to start with?
The minimum budget to launch your marketing campaign is 1,000 EUR. However, we recommend starting with at least 5,000 EUR for better test results.
You can expect that your ads will appear on hundreds of crypto-websites, in various ad formats of your choosing - so a smaller budget may not give you a wide pool of results in which to test and iterate from in the future. Our clients' most successful ads are done with larger budgets, where they are able to see an array of different results. From there, they can analyse them and focus on the ad formats that best convert customers for their product.
Our dedicated team will provide a lot of feedback during your tests, so you can better understand how to increase your conversion rate, too.
3.Which model does Cointraffic use: CPC, CPL, CPA or CPM?
Cointraffic works exclusively within a CPM model at the moment (cost per 1000 views served). Our proprietary system counts every impression. For more information, please do get in touch and we can explain further.
4.Why are my company or personal contact details required? Why is Know-Your-Customer (KYC) so important?
We require your personal details to ensure that we can process your payment efficiently and without any delays. We are also an official organisation registered in the EU, so the law requires us to collect specific data about our clients. Should you have any concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact one of our managers.
Personal data integrity and security is of the utmost priority to us – so we can confirm that your details will not be shared with any third-party and held in strict accordance with the latest GDPR regulations.
5.What payment methods are available?
We prefer direct bank transfers where there are no fees for our clients. We also accept BTC via Bitpay, but please note that a transaction fee is added in this case. Sorry, but tokens, credit card payments and PayPal are not allowed at this stage!
6.Can you offer any discounts?
Absolutely. For specific periods, campaigns and ad formats we can discuss special terms - just ask one of our managers.
7.Where can reports and statistics be found?
Upon the launch of your ad, you can find detailed statistics for each campaign, and even each banner you have within specific campaigns - all from your advertiser’s account.
You can also filter reports by days or check global reports. Within stats, you can find information about impressions, clicks, CTR, and costs. We recommend setting up Google Analytics (or any other analytical tool), as it will help you to understand your conversation funnel better.
8.Which websites will show my ads?
We only post marketing materials on market leading websites and platforms, fully related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. We tailor the websites to your needs, and we’re constantly adding on new, high-quality publishers.
Overall, we have 400+ publishers across the biggest global portals, including coinmarketcap.com, ccn.com, coingecko.com, and many others. You will find your ads across these industry sites, mostly in above-the-fold positions.
9.Which banner formats can we use?
We offer multiple banner types, including JPG, GIF, HTML-5. You can even order banner creation as a separate service - our in-house creative team love working on ads! In some cases we can offer this service as a complimentary perk - get in touch and let us know what you need.
10.What targeting options do you offer?
In geo-targeting settings, we can exclude or include certain countries or websites at your request. We are also using frequency capping and blacklists to increase conversion rates for your campaigns.
11.What is CTR? Why is it needed? What is the average CTR for banner ads?
CTR is the ratio of users who click on your link to the number of total users who view your ads. Click-through rates for ad campaigns may vary tremendously, but it’s a useful analytics tool for understanding banner performance!
Having worked with a wide range of publishers, we have calculated our CPM rate on the following core factors: the advertising format – what types of banners or formats are being used, quality of website traffic, GEO settings, and website subject.

Average CTR for banners is:
  • In-page (static) ~ 0.12%
  • Sticky footer ~ 0.17%
  • Premium header ~ 0.30%
  • Sticky mobile ~ 0.80%
  • In-page (static) mobile ~ 0.37%
  • Native ads ~ 0.40%
12.How do I know I’m speaking with an official representative from Cointraffic?
Our emails will come from an email domain ending in @cointraffic.io. In case you have any hesitations, please send us an email at partners@cointraffic.io, and we will confirm with you as a priority.

List of publishers where your advertising will appear.

400+ crypto publishers

Boost your brand
awareness with these leading AD formats.

Our branding packages include unique advertising formats such as site branding with backgrounds, press releases, acquisition and retention tactics, HTML5 creatives and much more.

In-page Banners In-page Banners
Slide Banner
Pop-under Banner Pop-under Banner
Sticky Footer Sticky Footer
Sticky Header

In-page Banners

Simplicity still makes the banner the #1 choice for marketers. What makes us different? Cointraffic static banners are placed on most prominent positions.

  • Most of banners are placed above the fold
  • Detailed reporting per each banner
  • Possibility to run banner A/B tests
  • Banner sizes: 728x90, 300x250, 160x600
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML5

In-page Banners

Most classic version of banner advertising for mobile devices. Banners placed on most visible positions across our publisher’s websites.

  • Detailed reporting per each banner
  • Possibility to run banner A/B tests
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML5

Slide Banner

The most beloved and popular format with Cointraffic’s advertisers. The banner appears in the corner of the screen above the main content - instantly attracting the users attention.

  • Banner appears always above the content
  • Appears once per visitor session
  • 5 seconds delay before opening
  • Banner size: 300x250
  • Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML5


One of the most effective ad formats to instantly draw visitors attention to your ad offer. Your target link will be opened in a new browser tab.

  • To start all you need to is a target URL
  • Works in cooperation with all major browsers
  • Traffic instantly directed to your website
  • Multiple URL’s per campaign
  • Detailed report facilities


This advertising format allows to reach your customers when they are on the go – it opens your target URL as a new window on a mobile device.

  • Works only on mobile devices
  • Traffic directly to your mobile website
  • Multiple landings per campaign
  • Detailed report facilities

Sticky Footer

Always above the fold sticked to the bottom of the page. Even if user is scrolling page, your banner will be visible all the time.

  • Covers 100% width of screen
  • HTML5 technology available
  • Detailed report facilities

Sticky Footer

Sticked to the bottom of the page. Visible every time, even while user is scrolling down. Available only for mobile devices.

  • Covers 100% width of screen
  • HTML5 technology available
  • Detailed report facilities

Sticky Header

Always situated at the top of the page and stretching the entire width of the users screen. This is the most visible banner on the site, works with HTML5.

  • Covers 100% width of screen
  • HTML5 technology available
  • Detailed report facilities


Unique advertising format allows you to engage your mobile audience with a premium full-screen banner. This is exclusive advertising type will be shown only on highest quality portals.

  • Works in vertical and horizontal positions
  • Can't be closed in first 3 seconds
  • Only premium websites
  • Supported formats: HTML5, JPG, PNG, GIF

We can use your banners or create them.