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MARK.SPACE: Blockchain-based VRBreakthrough of 2017.

MARK.SPACE is an alternative reality, available in any browser, without pre-installation and registration.

This platform is compatible with any VR-headset. An entire world comprising of shops, offices, banks, cinemas, clubs, communities of interest and personal spaces becomes available in VR.

Technically, MARK.SPACE is a new generation of the Internet.

Cointraffic is a really good advertising network with a very professional team. With Cointraffic we reached our main targets - to build a strong community and to make our brand recognizable. Really love to work with those guys!

Vladislav Utushkin,

$ 10,000,000+ Raised



Maximum reach

E-mail Signups

Brand Awareness


To build a complete marketing funnel that would go through awareness, research and intent to registration and investment into the product.

Banner Ads

Google AdWords


Ad Formats.





Goals achieved

Helped build community engagement

Worldwide brand awareness

Press releases

Direct online investments

Organic search traffic


As other projects that are seeking to raise finance in a short period of time, MARK.SPACE understood that extra hands and knowledge of crypto industry is essential to succeed in such a competitive environment.

After thorough research they have decided to approach one of the most reputable Crypto advertising networks - Cointraffic. Starting with a tiny budget, they saw a number of huge investors coming in and decided to scale their marketing activities with Cointraffic and also work with CoinMedia - crypto and blockchain marketing consultants, to ensure that they would get the maximum ROI out of their marketing campaigns.

Both Cointraffic and CoinMedia have worked closely with MARK.SPACE to craft a comprehensive online strategy.

Coin PR Kit ensured that regular updates, key achievements and milestones were published across 60+ platforms.

Cointraffic has develop multiple sets of banners to address the problems that MARK.SPACE is solving, highlighting the novelty of the technology used and the team behind the project.

Banners were localised into multiple languages enabling access to non-English speaking markets, where VR-Technology is already becoming a reality in households.

CoinMedia has joined the project to advise on the marketing strategy and Google Adwords acquisition campaigns that ran on Google Display Network, Search and Youtube.


Marketing strategy, AdWords campaigns

Exposure on crypto websites

Crypto media news publications

The team that worked on the project.

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