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Envion: Top 6 ICO in crowdsale history.

The technology that Envion has developed represents the next generation of data centers — modular, mobile, flexible, low-maintenance, data-driven and therefore designed for the challenges of the future.

Cointraffic developed and launched a unique brand awareness campaign using its network of crypto-publishers and complimented it with RTB remarketing activities.

Combined with other marketing activities carried out by Envion’s team, the ICO banked over $100M in investments becoming the Top 6 ICO of all time.

There is only a very small number of ad-delivery networks out there that are really useful for the crypto-space. Cointraffic is the #1 in terms of reach, price and quality of the traffic - most of our traffic was generated by CT and let us reach the Top 6 of all ICOs in history in a record breaking time of 31 days, raising more than 100M$

Jasper Hellman,
CMO of Envion

$ 100,000,000+ Raised


Maximum reach

Brand Awareness

Ad Formats.

Throughout the span of Envion campaign we have utilised all of our available ad formats. See some of the created banners below:








The team that worked on the project.

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