We're in one of the most critical segments of the year. The latter stages of 2019 bring with it excitement, joy, and deadlines. Thankfully, it also brings about compelling conferences and a wide variety of events that are sure to help you connect, learn, and prepare for the next year.

One conference you should know about is the CryptoFin Conference 2019, taking place in Tallinn, Estonia. It's an event that you don't want to miss, and it's just around the corner. The CryptoFin Conference 2019 will be here before you know it as it is from October 14 - 15.

What to Expect at the CryptoFin Conference 2019

The CryptoFin Conference is known as the most significant crypto conference in Northern Europe. As such, the conference brings an eclectic group of people to the fore and allows them to connect and immerse themselves in a wide array of discussions and opportunities.

The CryptoFin Conference enables entrepreneurs, technologists, leading thinkers, and other notable parties within the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. Stay on par with the leading thinkers and doers while learning about potential opportunities for the last half of this year.

Attendees are sure to learn about the substantial innovations present within the blockchain sector and the rising world of alternative financial instruments. We know that the banking sector is changing and evolving to meet challenger banks and the massive onset of the rapidly growing fintech industry.

As such, CryptoFin conference members will have exposure to many different financial trends taking place today and will get to participate in these critical discussions, share their thoughts, and collaborate with their peers.

The CryptoFin Conference 2019 Merges the Present and the Potential Future Blockchain Opportunity

The truth is that many businesses still see the blockchain as a technology that might be relevant or useful to their core operations. Experts predict that the blockchain will contribute to a significant part of the global GDP. Businesses must prepare and consider how the blockchain and alternative finance will help them to incorporate trust, unlock potential liquidity, and bring about further business opportunities to capitalize upon.

Large corporations across the world from Facebook to Wells Fargo, to Jingdong, and others see a variety of opportunities within the blockchain sector. They're looking at ways to maximize their impact and use this emerging technology to their advantage. Small and medium-sized businesses must also learn how to use blockchain technology for business growth and simplification.

CryptoFin Conference 2019 attendees can learn how to open and run a crypto-based business in the EU in a legal and compliant manner.

Who Will Be At CryptoFin Conference 2019?

Cointraffic will be a proud media sponsor at the CryptoFin Conference 2019 and will present a speech at the conference. Hear from Slava Jefremov, a Product Director at Cointraffic and other compelling people such as Bobby Lee, Richard Heart, Andrey Fedunin, Jacques Dahan, Ali Al Khamis, Taha Sajid, and Maria Stankevich.

Don’t miss out on the CryptoFin Conference 2019 at the prestigious Kultuurikatel in Tallinn, Estonia, in just a few days.