As one of the largest cryptocurrency advertising networks in the world, the Cointraffic team knows a thing or two about marketing your crypto services through digital advertisements. But who are the people behind the shiny gold coin? Read on to find out.

Headquartered in Estonia’s capital - the home of digital innovation - the small Baltic state of Tallinn is home to Skype, TransferWise, and multiple other major pioneers of business ingenuity.

It’s also where the Cointraffic team comes to work each day, bursting with ideas and ready to bring their very best to the table.

For those who may not know, Cointraffic is the premier global cryptocurrency advertising network for the crypto sector, helping businesses get their message out to engaged audiences through the placement of great banner and native advertisements on publisher sites.

Because of the work we do to bring ‘right-fit’ publishers and advertisers together, our ads have a higher likelihood of converting users than any other crypto advertising provider. To that end, you can think of us as the loudspeaker for the crypto community.

In fact, our knowledgeable and passionate team have helped raise over €800m for some of the markets biggest crypto companies in less than a year. How, you might ask?

Cointraffic Team
Our team members are an important chink in our company’s chain. Together, we are stronger

Well, because each member of the Cointraffic team is a part of our overall strategic chain.

Each element of the chain plays an important role and with a missing link, the chain would be completely disconnected. As a team made up of individuals who live and breathe the crypto space, each brings an important skill set to their work, whilst also recognising their interdependence on other team members.

So, we like to think of our huge team, and the department they work in, as an unbreakable ring to our company’s chain. They’re all important pieces to the puzzle of how we run our business - and our success depends on everyone bringing their best self (and best mind) to our clients' projects.

In an exclusive first, the Cointraffic team is peeking out from behind their shiny Bitcoin and inviting you in to see who they are, and how they work...

Leadership team helms the ship

⌈Sergei Verbitski - CEO⌋ ⌈Juri Filatov - CTO⌋ ⌈Maksim Kalmykov -COO⌋ ⌈Anatoli Girenko - CFO⌋

“Our team has worked in the crypto space for 7 years! We still remember those early times - when Bitcoin only cost $100. Over this period we saw a growing market, yet a lack of good-quality marketing services. That is why we created Cointraffic and nowadays it’s not only an advertising network but a multi-channel solution, offering an array of end-to-end marketing services.” - Sergei Verbitski, CEO.

Sergei, Juri, Anatoli, and Maksim are responsible for Cointraffic’s overarching business strategy and company direction, as well as looking after the auxiliary businesses, CoinMedia, a full-service digital marketing agency.

⌈Slava J. - CoinMedia CEO⌋

They look after everything from team culture, profit and loss, digital partnerships and high-level business development. They inspire and educate their team members to always exceed the expectations of both advertisers and publishers, and encourage them to pursue external interests relating to the cryptocurrency and advertising industries so that they can further their knowledge.

∴Three words that describe their work style: Collaborative, inspiring, educational

Advertising and marketing team spread the love

⌈Dmitri S. - Head of Department⌋ ⌈Kate K. - Advertising Manager⌋ ⌈Juri V. - Advertising Manager⌋⌈Juri V. - Advertising Manager⌋ ⌈Jelena G.- Project Manager⌋

Our advertising team manages every project like a pro. They’re the conduit between our advertising clients and our publishers, and make sure that relationship is harmonious and every party gets what they want. Because we take so much care in relationship-building, we’re known in our industry as the go-to for crypto advertising, and that’s exactly where we want to be.

On the other hand, the marketing team always has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of crypto and ensures that Cointraffic is right at the forefront of it. They are responsible for coming up with new ideas of how to spread the love of what Cointraffic does, acquiring, converting and retaining new advertisers and publishers to the platform with great advertising options and experiences.

Some of the things that they do include regular content marketing, digital ads (so they can test ads on their own publisher websites), managing PR and media, organising speaker opportunities and optimising marketing spend. They’re completely client-focused people, and you can expect results that exceed your expectations, every time. We’re so confident you’ll be happy with their work, you’ll come back again and again. Why don’t you try it out for yourself?

∴Three words that describe their work style: Dynamic, imaginative, curious.

Publishers are the endless connectors

⌈Viktoria J. - Head of Department⌋ ⌈Dmitri K. - Publisher Manager⌋ ⌈Vladislav K. - Maintenance Manager⌋ ⌈Kate B. - Publisher Manager⌋

The main task of publishers team is to find and communicate with all new, potential publishers.

Our publishers are of the highest quality and hand-picked by our pro team to ensure only the most targeted visitors from search engines, social networks, and other quality referral sites. They are the leading crypto news platforms and alongside us, are jointly committed to ensuring that the slots on their website serve only the best quality ads.

On our books, we have over 400 active publishers, including CoinMarketCap, Coin Gecko, WalletInvestor, WorldCoinIndex and Currencio, to name but a few.

This means that conversion is always a key indicator of success for us, and because we’ve worked with them for so long, they ensure our clients always maintain a single, premium advertising spot position above-the-fold. So you get the best content, on the best spots, on the best sites. We also offer a range of complimentary services that can help boost a publishers’ earning potential – from our own DFP system and press releases - there is a range of services that we can offer that can add value.

Leaders in crypto advertising, Cointraffic’s vast array of high-quality publishers exceed 400 in total.

∴Three words that describe their work style: Entrepreneurial, creative, researchable.

IT team are the puzzle solvers

⌈Juri F. - CTO⌋ ⌈Aleksandr St. - Senior Web Developer⌋ ⌈Nikolai R. - Web Developer⌋ ⌈Vladislav Sh. - Web Developer⌋ ⌈Stanislav M.- Web Developer⌋

Our IT team is the people who ensure the pieces of the puzzle all slot into place, perfectly. They are web developers and software specialists who build our frontend and backend and ensure both are always performing optimally. Their hard work an in-depth technical knowledge ensure that the Cointraffic system stays ‘on’, responsive and easy-to-navigate at all times.

We don’t subcontract any of our IT solutions out - everything is managed and moderated in-house. In fact, we provide all of our own IT solutions, meaning we can ensure complete quality and confidentiality of client data.

∴Three words that describe their work style: Problem-solving, resourceful, technical.

The design team are the creatives

⌈Andrei S. - Senior Designer⌋ ⌈Aleksandr J.- Designer⌋ ⌈Aleksandr R. - Head of Department⌋

All of Cointraffic’s designers are the touch-point for our advertising clients who want to increase their marketing reach exponentially. In some cases, you might know exactly what you want your banner advertisement to look like - but sometimes you won’t, and that’s where our design team comes in. Able to create ad content from client briefs, they’ll work closely with you on your ad creative goals and ideal placement scenario to help take your vision to a new level.

Because they make everything in-house, their working speed with the client is their number one mission. Speak to them about our Sticky Footers, Slide Banners, Pop-unders, and Mobile Pop-unders, Top Header Banners, Mobile Full-Screen Banners, and Native Teasers today!

∴Three words that describe their work style: Colourful, open, detailed.

Our administrative team keeps us organised and structural

⌈Anatoli G. - CFO⌋ ⌈Liudmilla L.- Chief Accountant⌋

Never happier than when knee-deep in a contract, our administrative eagles are the best in the business at ensuring Cointraffic stays completely compliant in an ever-changing bankless crypto world. They are regularly looking over terms of service, reviewing privacy documents and staying abreast of all crypto advertising changes that affect the cryptocurrency advertising network.

They are our company’s go-to for any legal questions and are happy to help explain anything to ensure that our advertisers only ever publish ads in line with applicable regulations. In addition, our administrative team is the ones who crunch the numbers, and ensure we are running optimally; spending money on the things that matter - like growing our network and partnerships. Ultimately, they’re responsible for on-time payments to publishers, and managing invoices.

Finally, in our united team, one key component joins us all - and that’s our office fairy, Jekaterina looks after everybody in the office, and makes sure our office processes are completely up to scratch. She is never far away, and always serving as a friendly shoulder, a keen ear and a big smiling friend to talk to.

She cares about all of us, her ‘children’ (of sorts!), with love and affection - and is integral to us doing our best work every day.

∴Three words that describe their work style: Safe, frugal, technical.

Every single one of these links makes up the unending chain of our business. Without any of these departments, we would no longer have a business - so we value their contribution highly. In a future post, we’re going to delve deeper and showcase the individual faces that make up our world-class team. If you’re intereste in working with us as a team member, publisher or advertiser, we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us here.

Until next time, may the crypto force be with you!