In layman's terms, banner advertising is a type of digital advertisement where creative ads are displayed as banners on high-traffic websites. It's a cost-effective way to raise public awareness and build brand recognition among the target audience.

The concept of ad banners came into existence in 1994, when AT&T purchased a little rectangle on, and it got an incredible response from website visitors. That event changed the advertising industry forever, and businesses are still using banners as a powerful tool for brand building.

However, the web has dramatically transformed over the past two decades, and it has also affected user behavior. The only way to sustain the dynamic nature of digital marketing is to adapt to new strategies. Below are some interesting stats to contemplate:

What are the advantages of banner advertising?

Since the inception of the internet, display advertising has delivered positive results for businesses and brands looking to get exposure. Highlighted below are some key benefits of using online banner ads:

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How to use it in crypto marketing?

Crypto marketing is different from traditional marketing because the underlying technology is too complex for beginners to understand. This is where creativity comes into play. Be it a crypto startup or an early-stage business, each of them is trying to solve a problem.

And what better way than display advertising to convey the message?

Below are some tips to make banners ads effective for your crypto campaign:

Are there any downsides to banner ads?

Banner ads are highly targetable and easy to create, but they must meet several guidelines and technical requirements for approval. Certain types of content are restricted by advertising policies, but a bit of creativity by copywriters and designers can easily negate it.

Currently, one of the biggest concerns in the advertising space is banner blindness. Internet surfers have become so accustomed to seeing ads that they no longer bat an eye. To counter this, advertisers are moving their attention towards ad banners of non-standard sizes. They are more effective in grabbing the attention of viewers, which ultimately results in better engagement and higher click-through rates. Only a few ad networks like Cointraffic have come up with this innovative concept to incorporate customization with sticky desktop, sticky mobile, and slide desktop banners.

There is no one-size-fits-all concept in display advertising. You may have to take the trial-and-error approach to understand what attracts attention and what gets ignored. Cointraffic is always here to help you advertise with multiple banner formats and native ads available for both desktop and mobile devices.

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