CryptoDaily was founded back in 2017, with the purpose of covering highly-relevant and notable cryptocurrency events, while further inspiring the Crypto and blockchain economies worldwide.

The Publisher adopts strict editing guidelines, in order to ensure top-notch content that ranks well, and is able to get the point across to both newbies and experienced users.


The cryptocurrency market is always on the move, given its dynamic nature that often leads to price volatility, business opportunities, potential investments, and more. Most analysts predict that the short and long-term future of the digital currency ecosystem will be characterized by significant spikes in traffic, popularity, and prices.

As such, this is a great moment for Publishers to consider their monetisation strategies, given the fact that a higher return-on-investment (ROI) can be expected.

Over its years of service, we have helped Publishers throughout the world obtain and attain considerably-better monetisation results, alongside providing ad runners with brand awareness, customer retention, user flow generation, and improved conversion rates. To put things into perspective, when collaborating with us, Publishers can expect high commissions for their ads, easy setup, quick payouts, and a constantly-high number of ads.

Our platform offers a fully-packed banner solution, including all popular formats based on the CPM model. While banner ads are Cointraffic’s main business, the advertisement network also provides Publishers with native ads, meaning that they do not look like a paid advertisement, thus increasing value, and ensuring that advertisements never become intrusive. Last but not least, Publishers that collaborate with us can also expect top-notch customer support, great problem-solving alongside constant updates.

Instead of having us do the speaking, we believe that it’s best if we present a real-life case study. Thus, this article will focus on highlighting the relationship between Cointraffic and CryptoDaily, a popular digital currency & blockchain news Publisher. By the end of the piece, you’ll learn why it’s best to leverage our services when monetising your work.

Strategy and preparation

For several years, CryptoDaily has been and continues to be one of Cointraffic’s main media partners. Thus, it represents a Publisher that is currently using all of the ad formats that are present in our portfolio. This includes banner ads, native ads, and press releases, thus providing a stress-free and seamless monetisation process and experience to Publishers.

Cointraffic’s system has been recently updated, thus giving way to a series of new services that Publishers can leverage for improved monetisation results. A relevant example is the Publisher’s administration system.

So far, the two companies have collaborated for over three years, a timeframe during which the Publisher has remained loyal to the services. When asked about the reasons inspiring Cointraffic’s retention as the main service provider, CryptoDaily stated:

“We saw great case studies with Cointraffic, and felt that we could benefit one another with a working relationship. Additionally, there is a great communication and fantastic results working with the Cointraffic ad network”.


According to the Publisher, “this decision has brought onwards over 50+ million ad impressions on CryptoDaily’s website”. This cryptocurrency news provider, like many other Publishers, appreciates effective communication and proven results, backed by fruitful partnerships.

Based on everything that has been highlighted so far, choosing the right ad network is key to ensuring scalable and formidable monetisation results, especially when dealing in the cryptocurrency market, where companies have often faced difficulties when it comes down to effectively monetising their content while reaching the desired results.