Cointraffic is proud to be a media partner at the 2020 TradeON Summit on July 28th, a virtual event that will bring together some of the industry leaders in the world of online trading. Participants of the summit can enjoy presentations by a series of professionals in the trading industry from the comfort of their own homes. They will also have the chance to connect with them via several means of online communication, as well as to speak with any of the several different participating brokers.

The TradeON Summit is hosted by, an online resource center for both professional and retail traders since 2008. Exhibitors will include representatives from trading-based enterprises such as, EuropeFX, FxPro, Avatrade, CMTrading, Libertex, and AXI Trader. Speakers will also include market analysts, technicians, and strategists all well versed in the world of online trading.

Participants will be able to network with industry experts through 1-on-1 meetings, video & audio calls, or live chats. Virtual meetings will take place in the form of public group chats, dedicated chat rooms, and live Q&A sessions with presentation speakers. The virtual session includes in-depth analytical sessions, Q&A sessions, the sharing of exclusive trading tactics, educational sessions by leading analysts, as well as discussions about a wide range of asset classes and trading instruments, including Forex, CFDs, and of course, digital assets.

There will be a maximum of 5000 participants allowed, so it is recommended to register early to secure an available spot. Registration is free and can be done by clicking here. Simply fill in the contact form to receive an email with a registration link that can be used to guarantee your attendance.

For more information about the TradeON Summit, visit the summit website here.