We are pleased to announce the launch of Native Ad Service!
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Reputation Matters – How Cointraffic Sets the Standards Vs. Other Crypto Networks

As the crypto and blockchain community matures, so does the number of routes to market for your project.


With increasing competition, what sets aside Cointraffic from other crypto networks in an increasingly crowded market?

Well firstly and perhaps most importantly our ads mainly appear on the sites of our premium listed partners – we enjoy an unrivaled and proprietary relationship with our strategic ad partners and this is reflected in both the practical and financial results of our client base.

Whilst many of our competitors target a large number of non-related publishing outlets or mixing their “top crypto related websites” with sources on which visitors are paid for viewing your ads – we prefer to stick to our proven campaign methodology of a selective and bespoke listing of your campaign with the right publishers to hit your target audience.


Our Campaign Methodology is our Strength.


Through our own range of in-house developed tech tools, creative innovation, and communications services we can produce a hard-hitting, content rich and effective ad campaign format to suit you.

Once we have worked with you to identify your strategic and operational campaign aims we help to ensure that your milestones are met on time, on spec and on budget through constant monitoring and reporting, adapting the campaign strategy to suit the real-time situation and working with the leading publishers and channels.

Our clients can trust our ads and approach – strict internal quality control procedures, a unique market access and proven track record allows us to deliver your digital campaign to the highest of standards.

Each of our clients receives html5 banners from our in-house team – impression conversion rates from these banners are notably higher than the industry standard.

Click here to find out how the Cointraffic network differs from our competitors.

Cointraffic is not just an Ad Agency.


Introducing the CoinPRKIT service – Just as important as our technical marketing is the ability to hit the right marketing message – with this in mind we have launched a creative service to deliver hard-hitting press releases and strong online content to support your brand.

CoinMedia – Our exclusive digital marketing and communications arm also offer a range of tier one services to support your campaign – to find out more about CoinMedia, Coin PR Kit or any other service please do get in touch!

From helping you to identify your strategic and operational crypto goals to identifying winning keywords, SEO optimisation and ensuring a consistently high CTR within CPA budget parameters we can help you.

About Cointraffic

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Cointraffic has become the Premier Digital Advertising Network in the blockchain and crypto sectors. We love working with ambitious start-ups that are developing groundbreaking blockchain products. Since 2017 alone we have helped over 80 clients raise some $800 million.

About Coinmedia

A full-service blockchain marketing agency offering a diverse range of expertise from Campaign Strategy to Conversion Optimisation and Lead Generation using Real Time Bidding (RTB), Display, Search, Video, Email, and Content Marketing channels. Our mission statement is simple – to provide you with a premium service to make your project a glowing success.