Cointraffic is excited to bring you its new and improved advertising format. The use of notifications has been somewhat underwhelming in the crypto space, even if they are the most straightforward way of informing communities about news and updates. Cointraffic now extends this functionality to all partners to help you make the most of your advertising campaign.

The Power of Notifications

Cointraffic NEW advertising format - Notifications

One of the primary reasons so many check their mobile phone over fifty times a day is due to ongoing notifications. These notifications can pertain to text messages, phone calls, social media chatter, emails, and price alerts. etc. It is one of the most captivating technologies to grab people's attention quickly, and Cointraffic wants to use that technology to increase the reach of partners' marketing campaigns.

Another benefit to using notifications is the ease of integration. Making the most of notifications is possible with:

Advertiser Dashboard view

In addition, you can include the link to the advertiser's website. Getting everything set up is very quick and straightforward, and notifications provide ample flexibility in mixing/matching texts and visuals. We recommend A/B tests to “play” with different headings and visuals to optimize the notifications for your branding.

In marketing circles, notifications have the same power to draw someone's attention to an alert or section of a website. Our “newbie” can be integrated into any website and will appear as an overlay of the content on display. Notifications can be closed if the user prefers, but we expect a high click-through rate because it piques people's interest.

Notifications on a Publisher's website look native across both desktop and mobile. Your advertisements will not go unnoticed as people tend to naturally react to moving objects. That applies even more to notifications, which are designed to capture attention quickly.  It is an unobtrusive way of reaching a big audience, as Cointraffic works together with dozens of publishers in the industry.

Media desktop and mobile view

A Successful Initial Test

During our tests with the new Notifications format, we noticed an elevated Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 0.45. That CTR is higher than the industry average for other methods. It further illustrates the potential of Cointraffic's Notifications and our desire to continue innovating in the marketing field.

Thanks to our experience, we can help our clients determine which type of content works best for a specific Call To Action (CTA). Adding Notifications to your arsenal of marketing tools and strategies will undoubtedly lead to better overall results and enable you to tap into a much bigger audience.

Cointraffic continues to explore new ways to help our partners succeed in their marketing endeavours. The addition of Notifications is a testament to our commitment on this front, and our team will continue to explore new and helpful ways to make partner campaigns more versatile and successful!

What are you waiting for? Check out Cointraffic's Notification solution to achieve your goals today!