Imagine a world where your in-site advertising could be executed so beautifully, it looked like a piece of bespoke content to the site? And imagine a world where this was received well by readers - where they actually wanted to click through? Welcome to the world of native banners.

As a well-known crypto publisher with a myriad of advertising space to offer - you might be thinking: What are native banners? How can I monetise using them? And most importantly, why would I want to?

Well, they’re a publisher’s dream - and here’s why.

Unlike traditional forms of content marketing, native teasers are considered to be the fastest, easiest and most trusted way for advertisers to showcase their crypto business.

A relatively new beast, they’re website widgets that come in flexible content blocks that easily integrate into publisher websites alongside native high-value content. So, contrasting to traditional banners and pop-overs, they are safely wedged within native pieces of content, rather than next to it or as a time-delayed flashing box.

Native Ad
Content marketing isn’t as effective as native teaser placements - which act as a hybrid between editorial and advertising.

Traditional content marketing is time-consuming to create - and whilst effective - can take a while to work and show the effects.

Regular blogging, posting on social media, press release wiring and guest posting is effective (and lower cost), but requires a lot of upfront energy and time, and seeing traction on Google or through leads is a waiting game.

In terms of CPM - the numbers are staggeringly high, proving that there’s a lot of power behind the growing trend of native teaser advertising within the crypto space: according to Sharethrough and IPG Media Lab, statistically, users look at native ads more than original editorial content on a site. This is proven through eye-tracking and participant surveys.

Participants of the study viewed native ads more than editorial content.

Why would you want to invest time in monetising through native ads as a publisher?

You’re busy creating great editorial content, you have ambitious staff to manage - and you’ve seen good results with traditional banner ads. If it ain’t broke, why fix it, right? Well, with the clients who have utilised our native teaser offering to date - they’ve seen a double boost in CTR and ROI with only minor tweaks to the content and placement of ads on their site - proving that for virtually no extra work, the results can be tenfold.

That’s a lot of extra money you can pour back into your business. Hire more staff, create better content (video, as well as written), and report more profit to the board… simply by introducing a new type of advertising.

In addition, because you’re providing content that is more in-line with the editorial guidelines of your platform, you’re less likely to annoy or interrupt your readers, leading to a better customer experience for your audience. This can foster engagement, return visits and even paid subscriptions - the benchmark of success for many a digital publication.

Happy customers are more likely to feel a connection the publisher - bookmarking the site or even signing up for a paid subscription.

So, if you’re looking to further monetise your platform through ads, with customisation - consider native ads. At Cointraffic, we have organised payouts on request for all the partners - that has given us the competitive advantage over other players. If you have any questions about how we can help you, our friendly, informative customer service team are here to help.