In this article, we will review what Crypto or Bitcoin-related webmasters can do to maximize their profits by placing Banner Ads on their websites. Banner Ads, also known as web banners, are the number one means of monetization among all major websites, including those related to Cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

Below we will guide you through the process of preparing your website for Banner Ads, demonstrating how easy they can be to set up and monitor, and offer a few basic tips on how to get started.

First things first: ready website content, improve traffic, optimize performance

It is important to have a number of things in place before getting started with banner ad placement. The biggest mistake made by novice webmasters is to start publishing ads on their website without performing any sort of preparation. This will not only result in poor earnings performance but will also make your website seem like a potentially undesirable place to post ads statistics-wise.

Before getting started with ads, your website needs to look good, be filled with engaging content, already have steady incoming traffic, and have optimized performance (in terms of loading speed, image, and JavaScript optimization). Only after these things are ready should a webmaster begin to think about the potential for monetization.

Tips for maximizing income with crypto banner ads

1) Choose an ad network that is appropriate for the overall theme of your website.
Since your website is likely to be Crypto- or blockchain-related, maximum profits can be obtained by placing ads for Crypto-related projects and websites. Selling advertising directly through your website with individual advertisers can be a time consuming endeavor, which is why using an advertising network is a great solution.

As it is a rather new industry, traditional ad networks do not cater to cryptocurrency-related websites and projects, so it is a good idea to employ a crypto-niche specific network, such as Cointraffic.

2) Use all banner ad formats available to you.
These days there are several different ad formats that can successfully be used to advertise Crypto and blockchain projects, including in-page banners and sticky formats, both of which can be placed at the top or bottom of a website. Experiment by using all of them to understand which types and positions will bring more profit for you.

3) Choose a network that is HTML5 banner-friendly.
If you want to achieve a high ranking in search engine results, your website needs to be fast. You can have more applicable content than other websites but still be downgraded in search results due to having a slow-loading website.

Making the most out of the newest web language protocol, HTML5 banners will not degrade the performance of your website, while heavy GIF formats might. This is why HTML5 banner-friendly networks are superior and highly recommended if you want to maximize profits.

4) Be diligent in monitoring the performance of your website.
Monitoring a website’s traffic performance is critical to understanding which banner ad positions and sizes are most appealing to your particular audience. There is no single solution that will fit every website, so each option needs to be tested and compared in order to find out which is best for yours.

5) Do not place several banners next to each other.
Try to balance all banner ad positions among the webpage to avoid making it look crowded. If you put banners too close to one another they will compete for views and clicks, which will lead to poor performance and lesser profits. Try to imagine how you would feel about your website if you were just a visitor. Websites that are too heavy on ads are generally a turn off, and probably lose traffic as a result of appearing to be too greedy.

6) Include ads directly in your content.
Many webmasters only use headers and sidebars to place ads, but the best place for them could be right inside your content. After all, this is what your users are actually reading, as content-based ads will be hard to miss. However, you should keep in mind the principle of the last step and try to find a balance of maintaining a professional-looking website in the process.

7) Produce content with commercial intent.
Focusing on the development of content that can bring a relevant audience to your ads is a surefire way to bring banner-driven profits to your website. Furthermore, if you can appeal to an audience that is actually interested in ads, you stand a good chance of generating even more banner-based income. A good example of this is comparing ‘faucet’ and ‘news’ types of websites.

Faucets and other ‘free stuff’ websites do not bring traffic that is beneficial to advertisers, whereas readers of news websites are generally more likely to make purchases through an advertisement. Every time you plan to add an article to your website, try to imagine and plan for the type of audience it will attract.

Things that should be avoided

Each advertising network has its own rules that you should be aware of. Below are a few of the most important rules and potentially negative effects if they are broken:

1) Do not buy any type of bot traffic for your website.
Bots not only ruin organic growth of your website but will get you banned from ad networks as well. Bot traffic is easy to track, meaning that you won’t get very far with it as it will be quickly discovered by the ad network.

2) Do not click on your own ads or ask your visitor base to do so.
The result is something similar to bot traffic - it generates inorganic and meaningless clicks. Besides, any motivated clicks are against advertising network rules and may get you banned as well.

3) Do not hide your banner ads.
If you decide to place Banner Ads, make sure you don’t inadvertently hide them in the footer or any other part of the website which is not visible to your visitors. This will have a devastating effect on the performance of your advertising position and will likely result in not getting paid for your ads.

4) Do not place too many ads on your website.
As mentioned earlier, you should strive to keep your website looking professional, finding a balance between monetization and user experience. Visitors are not likely to come back to your website if they feel overwhelmed by advertisements, meaning that over placement of ads could mean losing traffic for good.


After choosing an appropriate advertising network, be sure to test out all the different combinations of ad positions which will help you find the best solution for hosting ads on your particular website.

The most important things to focus on are the development of content and organic growth of your website. The ad network will handle the finer details like making sure to deliver proper and relevant messages to your audience, saving you time to focus on improving your website.