Currently, most internet marketing professionals worldwide can agree that organic traffic represents one of the most precious sources of new users, conversions, and sales for online businesses and websites of all types, including those focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

To put things into perspective, the ‘organic traffic’ term stands for the number of visitors that access your website after clicking on an unpaid search result, provided after a search engine query.

It’s a valuable source of traffic since it guarantees that all organic users are visiting thanks to their own interest in your particular niche. Therefore, if you offer a solution to their problem, these users will likely convert into sales shortly. Apart from the relevancy and targeting potential of organic traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) is also quite cheap if done correctly.

The purpose of this article is to highlight 10 valuable tips that will make sure to help grow your organic traffic. Without further ado, here they are:

1. Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile use

According to Statista, mobile internet traffic accounted for approximately 51.65% of total web activity internationally in August 2019. This percentage has vigorously increased within the last couple of years, and it certainly isn’t stopping now.

As such, it only makes sense that Google and other search engines tweak their ranking algorithms to make sure that websites which have been optimized for mobile usage are prioritized. However, it isn’t only search engines that you should worry about.

After all, if a non-mobile website is accessed via a smartphone, the user will likely be bothered by the reduced functionalities and choose a competitor. This is especially relevant for crypto-related websites, given the increasing number of companies operating in the sector.

In today’s world, mobile optimization has become mandatory for SEO.

2. Verify the loading speed of your website

This represents yet another important aspect of how search engine ranking works. With this in mind, Google’s algorithms have been trained to positively rank quick-loading pages, while penalizing those which have not upgraded their loading speeds. We’re living in the era of speed – if cryptocurrencies can facilitate instant transactions, websites should be able to ensure top performance and responsiveness.

This Google tool will help you check the loading speed, while also giving you several insights on increasing your website’s overall speed.

3. Create new content

Analysis of search engine ranking algorithms has detected that failure to constantly update your website leads to lower rates of organic traffic. As such, search engines do not like non-updated websites, which are therefore classed as ‘dead’. However, there may be cases when project structures do not allow the creation of new pages.

This is certainly understandable, especially in the case of websites featuring a cryptocurrency or blockchain-based tool. In instances like this, you might want to consider creating a blog, where new content can be easily posted without modifying the overall architecture of your site.

When creating new content, make sure to tackle new topics, rather than recycling past work. Similarly, your SEO output can also be increased by making sure there is no duplicate content featured on your website.

4. Do not rely on keywords only – synonyms work too!

SEO practices dictate that using keywords that are directly linked to your niche is essential. However, recent algorithm updates have made it mandatory for website owners to also include keyword synonyms and other related terms. This aspect is mostly backed by the fact that today’s search engines are getting smarter – they not only read text, but also thrive to understand its meaning.

Additionally, keyword research should not be treated as a one-time effort. With time, relevant keywords may change, so old content must be updated as well. Finding new relevant keywords is mostly easy, thanks to the existence of several keyword research tools.

5. Optimize the meta description for a better CTR

There was a time when meta descriptions were necessary to ensure high rankings on search engines. Today, their importance in ranking has decreased, yet they are actively used as snippets in search results. This means that meta descriptions serve as a user advertisement that outlines the main contents of your website. Based on this, it is important for your website’s meta description to look intriguing, but also more appealing when compared to competitors’ metas.

Speaking of technical optimization, other tips include limiting your redirects, optimizing images and the overall graphics of your site, using browser cache to learn more about your users, using HTTPS, while improving your overall site architecture to ensure easy access to other pages.

6. Improve the quality and length of your old content

Another important tip worth mentioning is to update some of your past content. Doing so isn’t very difficult since you can always add images, videos, and updated sections on old pages and articles. Generally, marketing leaders recommend that content is long-form, in-depth, high-quality and thought-provoking.

Doing so gives your website overall continuity from a quality perspective, while also making your content more engaging. Similarly, quality content can also encourage linking, thus increasing traffic sources.

It is vital to remember that quality content isn’t meant to be read by machines only, so make it human-friendly as well. Do not succumb to the craving of overfilling it with keywords in hopes of improving SERPs.

7. Share all content that is published on your website

Most types of website-based content can be easily shared online via numerous social channels. Consequently, no new blog post, update or article should be posted online without sharing it on social networks, or on online communities like Reddit, BitcoinTalk and other forums.

Sharing leads to an initial boost for all forms of newly-created content, thus also promoting increased rates of organic traffic. If you are part of the crypto-niche, remember that community discussions and public opinion often serve as a judgment on whether a new product or service will be successful.

In case your community consists of close partners or opinion-leaders, asking them for a share may further enhance your marketing efforts

8. Be proactive on forums and Q/A services

Chances are that loads of people are actively seeking out information on the topics that you are writing about. Because of this, it is recommended to constantly check and answer forum threads alongside Q&A platforms like Quora.

This will allow you to organically insert links to your source content, thus improving organic traffic. Do remember that this strategy is bound to be time-consuming, but if done right, you won’t have to answer all questions pertaining to your niche.

It goes without saying that the posted link should offer an actual solution to the problem being discussed.

9. Constantly analyze website performance

Surprisingly, many website owners throughout the world fail to actively check their site’s performance analytics. Doing so is pretty straightforward thanks to Google Analytics, Search Console and other similar tools.

These platforms can be used to learn more about the performance and keyword quality of your content. As such, the newly-obtained data can then be leveraged to improve older articles, thereby warranting higher rankings for the keywords they were already receiving impressions for.

This data will also yield information on how your website is lacking from an SEO standpoint. It is generally recommended to apply solutions to these challenges since doing so will make your online presence friendlier to Google’s web crawlers.

10. Check what your competitors are doing

All crypto and blockchain company owners should keep a close eye on what their competitors are doing. By doing so, you can learn valuable information on how to improve your products, services, and business practice.

Additionally, you can also gain numerous ideas on future content topics and optimization strategies by observing what your competitors are doing. When researching niche-related leaders, ask yourself the following questions: What type of content are they featuring on their websites? What’s their content structure? How do they promote their services by working with social media platforms and social influencers?

A high-yielding and cost-effective marketing strategy can only be built through close observation, critical thinking, and constant corrections. There’s no recipe for success – just variations of what other people are doing.

Bottom line

Based on everything that has been highlighted so far, implementing these tips is destined to guarantee organic traffic improvement. Crypto marketing strategies vary from niche to niche, and from company to company, yet these tips are applicable to most, if not all of the online businesses.

Numerous companies operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spheres have used and adapted these tips to their own needs, thus reaching online success which is backed by considerable rates of online traffic.

Last but not least, these guidelines will increase your overall organic traffic, but only if you give them time. SEO does not work overnight – rather, results will be noticed once search engine crawlers scan your website again, thus opting to modify current rankings. Furthermore, consistent work is required since SEO success does not last forever.