As the leading Cryptocurrency advertising network of its kind, Cointraffic is a pioneer in the Crypto ads field and when we create something we put innovation at the forefront of our minds. This way of thinking applies to all the popular ad formats that we have released in the past few years, and after a good period of hard work, the time has come to refurbish the home of Cointraffic, its website!

Assessing the latest trends of our user experience, we combined the latest design and web technologies to produce a fresh, minimalist and easy to use structure.

We hope that this approach will help both our Advertisers and Publishers to find all the relevant information regarding our services and ultimately, to allow them to assess the suitability of our network for their requirements.

The Evolution of Cointraffic

This is now the 4th release of the Cointraffic design – let’s have a look at where we have come from since 2014!

Year 2014

A simple one-page site with the sole purpose to lead users directly to the dashboard. Lacking in information regarding our network services the site was pretty basic but don’t blame us – we had to start somewhere!

Year 2015

Still a one-pager website, we got around to adding some information regarding the ad formats listed. A big improvement on the previous version the site still lacked the data needed to give the full picture of our services.

Year 2016

Now with more sections, pages and information relevant to Advertisers and Publishers, the site has grown a lot, but we felt it a little too unwieldy and text-heavy, which lead to the focus offset and loss of attention.

Year 2019

With a complete overhaul, now every ad format has its own dedicated section with a full explanation. The website is divided so that it can easily be navigated on both mobile and desktop. There also a lot of more associated images linked to section headings.

We monitor the latest trends and are constantly looking at ways to make the web environment simpler, clearer and easier to get around. In an era when users need fast navigation and only a few seconds to understand the services provided, there is no need to waste time on complex text and images – we need concrete information and pain-free navigation.

What is Next?

We are now free to deliver even more new ad formats to make your life easier, including:

We hope that you will enjoy the fresh new look of the Cointraffic website! Your opinion is very important to us, so please do not hesitate to share your feedback via email or message us on social networks.