Do you run a crypto-related blog or news website?

Are you not earning enough from your online content?

Looking for a better ad management platform?

Your search comes to an end here at Cointraffic. Founded in 2014 by crypto-savvy enthusiasts, this niche-specific advertising network opens a massive scope of opportunities for Publishers to earn the most revenue for the advertising space they sell.

Cointraffic is home to more than 400 Publishers leveraging our platform to run digital advertising on their websites. Below are some of the reasons why:

Apart from the ads, you can also become a Press Release Publisher and get paid for every article you publish on your website. Some of the most well-known Publishers who already work with us include: AMBCrypto, CoinGecko, The Daily Hodl, CoinGape, NewsBTC, and Bitcoinist.

Steps to get started with Cointraffic

You can start monetizing your website traffic with just a few clicks. Below are simple steps to follow:

How to start earning?

Once your account is set up and the website is approved, you will get an offer from the Publisher manager with available ad formats and CPM rates.

Follow these steps to start generating revenue:

  1. Accept the most suitable banner type for your website
  2. Copy the below code anywhere into <BODY> tag of your website’s HTML code. This unified code places all the active Cointraffic ad formats (like sticky, header, or premium) on your website without the need for positioning. It automatically detects from which device the website has been entered, and activates the correct ad format for that device.

<script async src=""></script>

3.  For an in-page banner, you need to copy the span code to the exact position on the HTML code where you want to display the banner.

More details on installation can be found on our dashboard, once you sign up and add your website.

Cointraffic works via the CPM model, where you are paid for every thousand impressions on a given ad. The minimum payout is €25 in a BTC wallet and €300 for a bank transfer.You can request your commission any time you’d like and receive it on the next payout day. We send out payments three times per week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Website requirements:

At Cointraffic, we believe that your website is a valuable asset that yields recurring revenue and generates leads. There’s no better time than this to start publishing ads on your platform.

If you have any doubts, please check out our FAQ section for Publishers. You can also contact for any queries.