Blockchain Live is back at it again and will be placing an astounding show for all event attendees in London Olympia on September 25th. The event will bring a great medley of eccentric and eclectic people from a variety of countries to talk about all things blockchain technology.

Blockchain Live is an event that you will not want to miss out on in today's crypto climate. The crypto world moves fast, and the advent of substantial companies within the sector legitimize the space even more. Come to Blockchain Live and immerse yourself in a world of wonderful blockchain and cryptocurrency education.

What You Can Expect from Blockchain Live

Blockchain Live will host a plethora of events all packed within one single day. Learn from representatives of large corporations like Mastercard and emerging companies such as Count My Crypto. Blockchain Live will be testing out a new form of presentation, transitioning from a classical exhibition model to one where individuals can learn, engage, and collaborate.

The Blockchain Live festival of ideas and amazing people will be one event to mark on your calendars for this latter half of 2019.

Tap into an event where you can network with great people within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector in a very differentiated manner.

Blockchain Live organizers realize that the cryptocurrency sector and the blockchain sector have a great many commonalities. As such, the agendas will include comprehensive overviews of the cryptocurrency sector and the growing blockchain industry.

The intention is to dive into what matters in DLT, blockchain, and its intersection with the various industries within the world today.

The focus is to understand and harness the blockchain technology in a meaningful way today while preparing for tomorrow. It's not about buzzwords or industry lingo.

Blockchain Live is about utility.

Organized in an open manner, event attendees will have the liberty to choose how they want to allocate their time within the festival, thus facilitating and engendering productive, intensive conversations that genuinely move the needle.

Explore the Different Avenues in Blockchain Live

World-class speakers and professionals ranging from Don Tapscott, Margot James, have invested their time and knowledge to deliver their thoughts and help facilitate this amazing event.

"Blockchain technology is fundamentally transforming the way business, governments, and individuals interact with one another. Understanding blockchain technology is crucial to succeeding in the next era of digital disruption and Blockchain Live, the festival of education is paving the way to help businesses move beyond proof of concept to real-world solutions." - Don Tapscott

Create New Connections In 2019 For A Better 2020 at Blockchain Live

Find immense value in the five feature stages focused on propelling and evangelizing blockchain education: BlcoBlockchain Live Headliner's Stage, Tech Connect Stage, Future Finance Stage, GovChain Stage, and Crypto Impact Stage.

As a proud media partner of Blockchain Live, Cointraffic implores you to not miss out on the many opportunities to come in Blockchain Live.

Fantastic value-added sections such as the Blockchain Live Developers Den, Blockchain in Action, Training Studio and Solutions Showcase, the connections zone, and a live bar, are all planned with your enjoyment in mind.

Remember that Blockchain Live will be on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 in London, Olympia, opening early at 9 am.