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Forget Oil. Russia is about ICOs and cryptocurrency!

Have you noticed that Russia is an active player on the crypto market and beats all the records of ICO launches? Definitely yes! Well… it means CoinTraffic team is going to the right place!

As we mentioned in our previous blogpost that there are tons of conferences held around the world almost everyday. CoinTraffic takes active participation in such events.

Our next stop: Cryptoconf.su

Time and place:November 28, Skolkovo Technopark, Moscow

Cryptoconf - is a leading networking-event among ICOs, investors, minors.

Let’s go deeper and explore what is going to be interesting there:

The speakers have raised over $132 mln.

More than 25 speech topics

1500+ attendees

ICO battle

Looks like a nice program for 1 day only and for a very fair price. What else?

Any conference gives you a unique chance for networking, learning, and fun in a single package. A good conference forces you to grow and challenge yourself.


Cryptoconf is also a great chance for:

Meeting the Experts & Influencers Face to Face


Exploring crypto Opportunities

Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone

Witnessing the latest trends

Experiencing the ups and downs of other like-minded individuals

We are going to experience all of it next Tuesday, 28th of November, in Moscow.

Join us!


Feel free to contact us and schedule a meeting
Dmitri Semjonov
E-mail: dimitri@cointraffic.io
Telegram: @dmitri_cointraffic