Cointraffic is the first BTC advertising network to provide HTML5 banner ads for the blockchain and cryptocurrency marketplaces and help ICOs and blockchain businesses to reach their goals. Envion, KuCoin, Enjin, and others have shown amazing results using our HTML5 banner ads.

If you’re running marketing for a blockchain project, then you most likely have used banner ads to reach your business goals. You either tried a static (jpg, png), gif or the other types of banners and we are going to talk about these formats comparing them to HTML5 banner ads.

HTML5 is the most popular markup language for creating structure and presenting content on the internet. The current version was released on the 28th of October 2014, and since then it has completely obliterated flash banner ads (remember them?), and for good reasons too!

Our main goal with this article is to present what HTML5 banner ads are capable of and share the reasons why they can help your advertising efforts to reach the results you are looking for.

Before discussing those reasons, let’s briefly have a look at some most common banner ad types:

HTML5 banner ads are different, giving more freedom in thought and expression because they have enhanced capabilities compared to other banner types. Keep in mind, they don’t have to be animated, but the ability to use CSS3 (style sheet language for changing the presentation of websites) opens many previously closed doors.

These benefits make HTML5 a very valuable addition to the creative advertiser, and here are the 5 most important reasons why you should consider these banners for your next marketing campaign.

1.- Better CTR rates on your ads

HTML5 banner ads can be animated, are always lightweight, and it’s easy to change the creative part after receiving the initial response from the public. They are flexible in terms of possibilities.

Anything that you’ve done with websites is also possible with HTML5 ads, and just like websites, the story never ends. Every day we can see brand new ideas coming to light either from advertising agencies like us or independent media.

2.- Publishers prefer HTML5 ads

Website owners love them too! Unlike JPEG or GIF banners which can get heavy, HTML5 ads are usually small in size, so they keep the website running smoothly since they are not taking too much traffic.

JPEG and GIF are still used because it is up to the client requesting the ad, but if it was up to the media owners, then all ads would be HTML5 :)

As a banner advertiser on the website  with over 1.8 million page views a month we see big improvements over static images with html5 banners. The banners are just more engaging and more dynamic to look at on a website. We see a much improved CTR from html5 banner over static. This in its self is a good enough reason however added benefits include smaller image sizes and simpler code to work with.

CEO and Founder-CryptoDaily

3.- HTML5 is responsive and available for all devices

You only need to craft HTML5 banner ad once! Unless specifically restricted (special banners like the one presented in our FIFA World Cup case), responsiveness is a given for these banners.

Because HTML5 banner ads are like small websites, they adapt to the screen size of users. This saves your energy and time if you want to make edits to your campaign. HTML5 eliminates the need for image processing when making changes to your messaging or design.

4.- 87% of total websites use HTML5 as a markup language

87% of websites natively will support your HTML5 banner ads. We use the exact same technology for the websites to generate responsive banners for our clients’ creative advertising campaigns.

The latest addition of this markup language enabled so many different options, and people around the world are still experimenting with what is possible. Other options make up the rest (13%) of the internet, but HTML5 brings too much value to the table, hence 87%.

5.- You are missing out if you don’t use the potential of HTML5 to engage with your marketplace

Designers and web developers together with other creatives come up with new and interesting ideas and concepts every day. For example, in Cointraffic, we make everything in-house - creativity, quality and working speed with the client is our number one mission!

What we want to say is that all businesses/projects are competing for the attention of customers/investors, trying to get them engaged with their brand and get chosen to solve the problem for their prospects. Any competitive edge you can get is more than welcome!

Closing Words

Everything is important!

Starting from clear identification who you are and what your goals are, all the way to the specific words, images, and animations your ads will use. HTML5 banner ads are just another device in your advertiser’s toolbox. And that leads directly to this challenging question.

Why would you invest all of that time to learn what moves and gets people excited, talk to your consumers, get all of the information, gather your team and come up with a brilliant campaign, and then opt-in for anything less than best? We are confident you wouldn’t!