The Cointraffic team is always hard at work to ensure our users have the necessary tools at their disposal. To achieve that goal, we made several changes that all clients can enjoy starting today.

Convenient Geo Indicator Per Campaign

One of the crucial aspects of marketing is ensuring the message is seen by people in a region of interest. Cointraffic users can now see the geo-targeting settings of their campaigns with ease. The change ensures all campaigns can be set up accurately.

Take note of the color indicators:

When you hover over the corresponding icon, you will see a complete list of all countries (include/exclude).

Better Campaign Management Through Quick Actions

Managing your advertising campaign should always be straightforward and comfortable.

Cointraffic users can quickly activate/pause/duplicate/delete/archive campaigns without clicking through multiple pages or menus.  Pay special attention to  the "duplicate campaign" feature, a brand new and helpful addition.

It is an essential time-saving measure that ensures a smooth operation for everyone.

More Detailed Reporting Inside the Campaigns

You may go deep into your campaign's performance by date, creative, device, and country with the help of reports. This is especially relevant for campaigns targeting multiple countries, or those that have mixed desktop and mobile traffic formats - Slide, Content-integrated Native Ads, Notification.

We hope these changes will streamline your workflow regarding advertising campaigns created with Cointraffic’s help. Do not hesitate to share your feedback, and let us know if you see any additional room for future improvements!