Cointraffic is happy to announce they will be media partners at Blockchain Life 2021, the 7th international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining. One of the biggest blockchain industry events of the year, Blockchain Life 2021 will take place on October 27-28 in Moscow and is expected to draw 5,000 participants and 80 sponsors.

Participants in the forum will include industry professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, and those who are just starting their journey in crypto. Topics of discussion will include those appealing to traders, miners, business owners, investors, blockchain developers, and specialists from many other fields.

The forum also presents an opportunity to be among the leaders of the world crypto community. Despite travel restrictions between countries, significant industry players from dozens of countries have planned to attend the forum.

The forum’s topics will include:

• DeFi and Web3. Crypto technologies that are changing the financial sector today.

• Cryptocurrencies regulation in Russia. Laws on digital assets. Launch of the digital ruble.

• Cryptocurrencies trading. Strategies in 2021.

• Mining. How are the restrictions in the leading countries affecting the hash rate distribution and the earnings of each miner?

• Staking NS yield farming. Fantastic profitability of alternative types of mining.

• Bitcoin and altcoins. Prospects for development and application in 2021-2022. Ways to earn on cryptocurrencies.

• Implementation of blockchain technology in business and government. New cases and opportunities.

• NFTs — hype or not? Everything about digital art.

Traditionally, the international Blockchain Life Awards and the StartUp Pitch contest of promising startups have taken place during the forum.