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Banner Ads NOT converting! What TO DO?

Converting your traffic to reach banner conversion targets is a problem facing many campaign teams today - whilst many are successful, what can you do if your banner ads DO NOT perform as expected? 

We can help you identify the problems, causes and strategies to overcome this issue...


With any ad campaign, the banner, in whatever form it takes is a crucial tool in reaching your market base – however great it looks the metrics behind the banner, its screen location and publishing reach are one of the fundamental considerations of your Pre-ICO and ongoing campaign strategy.

Converting unique visitor hits via your campaign banners to an effective investment  is an adaptive strategy, that rarely works in the first instance but requires a constant process of monitoring, adaptation and trial and error to fully optimise your ad banner conversion rates.

☑️ No One Gets it Right First Time

That’s right – as your campaign matures you need to always adapt your banner ads and metrics as part of your ongoing re-marketing strategy. If at first your conversion rates are not as expected do not worry, here are a few considerations to consider when planning your Pre-ICO ad campaign:

⁉️ Why are the banners not converting as planned?

  • Have the banner analytics been setup properly from the outset and to your original campaign spec?
  • Have your team been fully briefed as to your conversion rate goals and expectations?

⁉️ What parameters were set to accurately monitor your conversion rates?

⁉️ How do you measure effective conversions – last click / first click or are the goals trend data driven?

⁉️ What are your average banner touch rates?

  • An average investor for an ICO project needs to be ‘touched’ at least 18 times

⁉️ Are the banners visually appealing? What makes them stand out from the competition?

Given the short time frame of a campaign your re-marketing, monitoring and reporting is crucial to ensure that your campaign remains on point - banner optimisation requires an agile and reactive response to ensure your banners convert as they should.

☑️ The First Impression Counts

They say first impressions count and converting visitors from click through to an actual investor requires not only a visually appealing, effective and ‘stand out’ banner format but also a large number of impressions – honing your banner planning goes hand in hand with ensuring a high number of landing page impressions.

☑️ Campaign Monitoring to Banner Delivery

The monitoring of your banner click through and conversion rate is important but not the only part of the picture – it forms part of your wider reporting and adaptation strategy.

Click here to find out more as to how to ENSURE your banner ads CONVERT.