In the online ecosystem, search engine optimization (SEO) has proven quintessential in generating organic traffic. This principle applies to the Cryptocurrency market as well, since competition is tight, and achieving success is difficult.

As part of this article, readers will learn why Crypto businesses must heavily rely on SEO to attract traffic and generate leads. Furthermore, we will discuss a series of SEO tips that are bound to help improve website rankings.

Why is SEO mandatory for Cryptocurrency businesses?

In general, SEO is mandatory for most online websites - after all, it is search engines that generate the highest volume of traffic. It’s important to acknowledge that the purpose of SEO is not only to bring organic traffic to your website. In fact, it is a central pillar of the marketing sales funnel which ends in customer conversion. Each stage of a customer’s life cycle can and should be optimized through the means of SEO. These stages are awareness, evaluation, and conversion. SEO plays an essential role in raising awareness, which organically leads to product evaluation and conversion.

Crypto-based businesses may have to place extra focus on optimizing this sales funnel, given the blanket ban imposed by social media on Crypto-related advertising.

Back in 2018, Facebook decided to ban Crypto-related advertising. The company argued that such websites are often associated with deceptive or scammy practices. Google has also adopted a similar approach. While some businesses rely on shady practices, an entire industry shouldn’t be judged in light of a few ill-willed individuals.

Nevertheless, Cryptocurrency businesses should adopt a multi-layer approach to search engine optimization. This entails focusing on content, ranking, keyword research, sitemap optimization, web design, link building, and a lot of experimentation.

Lucrative SEO tips for your Cryptocurrency project

In this section, we will highlight some of the Cryptocurrency market’s best SEO practices.

Tip 1. Carry out regular SEO audits

SEO takes a lot of planning and experimentation. By carrying out regular audits, website owners can learn more about their current SEO performance and understand which sections need additional work.

SEO audits should focus on site structure, page structure, content, links, and overall usability. Sites with insufficient traffic usually have issues with their titles, meta descriptions, link placement, redirects, broken links, Robots.txt, XML sitemap, or SSL certificate. By the end of the audit, you’ll learn what’s weighing you down. Invest time into fixing problematic areas for optimal results.

While SEO audits can be done by hand, it’s usually recommended that Crypto website owners use the services of a professional provider. Here are some worthy choices:

Tip 2. Conduct keyword research

Each piece of content that’s published on your website should contain keywords. These keywords should be well-researched to reflect what your target audience usually searches for. Luckily, there are multiple keyword search services that yield great results, thereby leading to improved search engine rankings. Do keep in mind the fact that keywords should not be overused, nor should they be randomly inserted into content. Keywords should make sense semantically and be used organically.

To make sure that your Crypto-related keywords rank, consider using one of these platforms:

Tip 3. Consider your content strategy

Website content should please both visitors and search engines. Oftentimes, Cryptocurrency-related content is overly-technical. This is not necessarily a bad thing and is often required when describing products or carrying out deep market dives. However, a part of your content should be easy to understand by people who are new to the Crypto and blockchain space. For instance, a crypto-related website might speak of ‘decentralized protocols that adopt innovative proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms’. On the other hand, a beginner will hardly understand this wording and may therefore require a plainer language, like ‘transparent, secure, and high-volume cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, featured content must be grammatically correct, easy to read, detailed, and driven by research.

It’s recommended that websites invest time into publishing interesting and useful content to their blogs. Don’t just shill out articles that provide no added value. Rather, consider the needs of your customers and adapt your strategy accordingly. Visual content has generated great SEO results. If your business niche allows it, then it’s definitely smart to post video guides, infographics, or Q&As.

Google’s search engine algorithm is well-known for appreciating press releases. Such pieces are well-organized and clear, while distinctly highlighting newly-released products or updates. Numerous businesses rely on authority PR publishing and distribution services, such as those provided by Cointraffic. By leveraging our smart PR constructor, releases can be distributed to over 150 targeted Crypto-related Publishers.

Search engine web crawlers rely on linking to map out the nature of your content. It’s often been said that smart linking can lead to considerable boosts in overall website authority. With this in mind, it is imperative that website owners link to both external authority sources, but also to in-site pages. Linking to in-site pages also helps decrease the bounce rate, while keeping readers engaged. Great external backlinks are usually obtained through guest posting or alternative strategies like infographic distribution.

However, it’s best to avoid linking to low-quality and shady websites. By doing so, you may create web crawler associations that reduce the website’s authority in the space.

Tip 5. Focus on mobile optimization

At this point in time, mobile traffic accounts for a high percentage of all web traffic. Thus, it is mandatory to ensure that websites behave accordingly when accessed via mobile devices. Cryptocurrency websites should have a responsive design, optimal page load speed, easy navigation, and site search functions that provide accurate results. Google is notorious for penalising Crypto websites that fail to accommodate mobile users.

Mobile optimization may be more expensive if you run a Crypto or blockchain web app. In this case, it is infinitely more important to make sure that mobile customers can use your services.

Tip 6. Assure accessibility

Research studies have proven that sites which place value on accessibility tend to rank better. The key point here is to make your site as logical as possible for impaired individuals. This entails including descriptions with images, captions with video, clear descriptions on web page titles, and easy navigation. By following these tips, website owners can create a seamless experience for all users.

Tip 7. On-going efforts yield the best results

There’s no sure-fire way to improve your search engine rankings. SEO is a slow game of experimentation, on-going effort, and smart implementations. It’s always recommended that Crypto business owners constantly educate themselves about the latest algorithm updates and best practices in the SEO industry.

Bottom line

To wrap things up, Cryptocurrency site owners should pay special attention to improving their SEO strategies. Since most traffic originates from search engines, a better ranking leads to improved brand awareness, conversion rates, and overall profitability. With internet marketing, diversification is key. As such, it’s always best to rely on multiple strategies to assure satisfactory results.