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Introducing Cointraffic

Many think that building an internet business from scratch is a matter of finance. We disagree. We believe that if you have the idea, a plan how to bring it to life and a professional team to execute and deliver your product – finance will follow.

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Cointraffic has become the Premier Digital Advertising Partner in the blockchain and crypto sectors.

We love start-ups and developing new products! So much so we have helped over 80 ICO projects that raised some $800 million since 2017 alone.

With an experienced team of Digital Marketing, PR, Community Management and Consultants set in arguably the fastest growing tech capital of the world our mission statement is simple – to provide you with a premium service and suite of tools to make your project a glowing success in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Cointraffic was made in Estonia but is now a truly global company with a vast outreach of premier sector partners – we look forward to working with you!